10 Lines on Potato in English

Hello dear learner, are you for 10 lines on Potato in English? I think your answer is yes. Well, I am here for you with 10 lines topic. Now it is on potato. Check the following 10 lines sets about potatoes. Let’s begin.

10 Lines on Potato

Here I have included 3 sets of potato essays in 10 lines. They are almost similar in appearance. The only difference is in the word count. Look at them and find which one is best for you.

Set- 1

  1. Potato is a well-known root vegetable.
  2. It is found all over the world.
  3. It is a good source of carbohydrates and potassium.
  4. Besides many vitamins are found in potatoes.
  5. It is generally round in shape.
  6. The skin of a potato is brown in colour.
  7. But it is also found in red, yellow and green colours.
  8. Chips are made from Potatoes.
  9. It has so many uses and benefits.
  10. So it is called the king of all vegetables.

2. [10 Lines on Potato]

  • Potatoes are a very useful and popular vegetable.
  • It grows underground. So it is a root vegetable
  • It grows almost all over the world.
  • Potatoes are found in many colours like yellow, cream, brown and red.
  • It is a good source of many vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.
  • People consume it to gain weight.
  • Packaged food like chips and french fries are made from potatoes
  • It is the favourite vegetable for the kids.
  • It is a very useful and beneficial vegetable.
  • It gave it the tag of “King of all Vegetables”.

Set- 3

SL10 Lines about Potato
1Potato is a root vegetable
2It is brown in colour.
3It is a very popular around the world.
4Potato is very nutritious.
5It is full of vitamins and minerals.
6Potato Dum and curry is very popular in India.
7Chips are also made from potatoes.
8Latin America is the origin of potatoes.
9Its popularity increased in the 20th century.
10It is very beneficial in defeating malnutrition.
potato essay 10 lines

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