Boat Capsized Report Writing 100 & 120 words

The following piece of writing is a newspaper report on a boat that capsized in the Hooghly river. It is important for the students of classes 9 & 10. I promise you can write a report of your own after reading this report.

Boat Capsized Report Writing

Dear student, first please check the following table. It is about the question type, marks and word limit. Just Check it and continue reading.

Question TypeReport
Word Limit100 & 120
TopicBoat Capsized
Topic Info Table

write a newspaper report within 100 words on a boat capsize in Hoogly river using the following points.

Points: Incident- Boat Capsized — Place- Babughat — Date 2 December — Casualties- 10 killed, 5 swam ashore & nine others missing — Rescue Work – by river police — Cause – Overload condition — Arrest – Boatman

A Boat Capsized, 10 Dead

– By a Staff Reporter

Kolkata, 3 December: 10 people are feared dead and nine others missing in a boat capsize in the Hoogly at Babughat ferry ghat yesterday at around 8 pm. As per the primary report, the boat was carrying passengers more than its capacity. Eight passengers have been rescued by the ferryman. The river police and rescue team have been deployed to look for the missing passengers. Five persons managed to swim ashore safely. The rescue operation is going in full swing even late at night. The boatman has been arrested by the police for the accident.

Write a newspaper report in about 120 words on a boat capsize by using the following hints in the writing.

Place — date — the number of people in the boat — cause — casualties — rescue operations — steps taken by the government.

Boat Capsizes, 5 Drowned

-By a Staff Reporter

Durgapur, 4 March: A violent storm capsized a country boat in the midstream of the Damodar river near Muchipara yesterday. Bodies of five persons have been recovered today. Water Police are still looking for missing persons.

According to the residents, the boat was carrying some 20 passengers. When it was crossing the river, a violent storm started blowing. Approximately 10 persons managed to swim ashore and five persons are still missing.

The police with the local people conducted a search operation. “No one has come to lodge a missing complaint. We are sanguine that no one is left missing,” said a senior police official. The Chief Mit of West Bengal announced a cash compensation of Rs 1 lakh to each family of the dead.

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FAQ on Report Writing

1. What is the format of newspaper report writing?

The format of a newspaper report is very simple. It has-
a) A title or headline at the top of the writing.
b) Then write the name of the reporter.
c) Next mention the date and place of the incident.
d) Finally write the main report (Body of the report).

2. What is a newspaper report writing for the students?

Students who are learning English as a second language must have some writing skills. Writing a report for a newspaper is one of them.

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