100 words paragraph on how you plan to take care of street dogs

The following article is on “Write a paragraph on how you plan to take care of street dogs within 100 words. The question is from the “All about a Dog” exercise- Class 9 Bliss. So let’s begin.

write a paragraph on how you plan to take care of street dogs

dear learner, look at the following table. It is about the question type, marks and word limit of the writing. look at it and then follow the hints from the book below. They will be used in the answer below.

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Writing TypeEssay
Word Limit100
Topicplan to take care of street dogs
  • cruel actions towards street dogs
  • the necessity to look after them
  • ways of taking care of the dogs
  • conclusion

Why take care of street dogs

Street dogs are mostly neglected and ill-treated animals around us. The number of street dogs is increasing day by day. To make fun we often throw stones at them. Lack of food, good shelter, care and security make them suffer greatly from birth to death. There is a wrong notion among us that they bite people. Generally, dogs are meek, loyal animals. They bite only when they are teased and provoked. They rather guard the locality against theft and other hazards. Only a little care, sympathy, and sufficient food can make them true friends to human society. Considering all these things we should extend our sympathy attitude towards these faithful creatures.

Taking Care of Street Dogs

There is a place for each and every living and non-living being on the earth. Street dogs are seen everywhere. They are neglected by us more than often. But they should not be left unwanted. On the humanitarian ground again, they should deserve some care from us. But they are not only neglected but also ill-treated by us. They should be taken care of either by some individual or by some voluntary organisation. All of us should come forward with a positive mind for that purpose.

How to take care of street dogs

Street dogs are the most unloved and uncared of animals. They do not get sufficient food to eat or appropriate shelter to take rest. It has become a game for children and even elderly people to beat or chase away street dogs even when they do not disturb anyone in any way. They deserve our love and care. It is not their fault that they are street dogs. We may at least spare some food for these unfortunate creatures or buy some food for them. We may talk to different NGOs. Anyhow they should be given some love and protection.

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FAQ on Dogs

1. What are street dogs called?

Various terms are used to call street dogs. Some of them are slang too. One of them is “Neri Kutta/Kukur”.

2. Are stray dogs a problem in India?

Most of the cases, they are not a problem in India. Generally, people are sympathetic towards them. But sometimes in some areas when the population of dogs boom suddenly, it becomes a problem for some time.

3. Is it OK to pet a street dog?

Yes, you can pet street dogs. They are good and loyal like other breeds. Moreover, they can adapt easily and eat varieties of food. So it is a good option to pet a street dog.

4. What to do against street dogs?

Why should you do something against street dogs unprovoked? But if are attacked by street dogs, do two things. First, use a loud commanding voice. 99% chance is that the dog obeys your command. If it does not work, act as picking up a stone or a stick. But don’t run or make direct eye contact first.

5. Are Indian street dogs intelligent?

Yes, they are very intelligent. You can see their understanding in their facial expressions.

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