A Funny Incident That I will never forget

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A Funny Incident

Dear friends if you face the question narrate a funny incident that you have experienced. There are two examples for you. Let’s check the table below and continue reading.

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A Funny Incident 100 Words

It was Shivaratri last year. Our small sleepy village rose to life. In the evening people were playing ‘Ravanbadh’ on the open stage. There was a slight chill in the air. I wrapped myself with a white cotton shawl and came to see the show. But soon I felt drowsy. Returning home I sat on the veranda. In the faint light, my white figure frightened a passing man. He called out, “Who’s there?” I at once got into mischief. In a ghostly voice, I said, “Come here.” The man fled and informed others. Soon people crowded the place. The brave man of the locality came forward. I mimicked my voice and said again, “Come here.” “Ghost !” He cried out and fainted. The place became vacant in no time. Only my mother could recognize the ghost.

A Funny Incident in School

It was the annual Sport last year. We all were on the School ground. Those who participated in the sports are in sport dress. Some events had already started. One such event was the ballon race for class 5. In the race one has to run to some distance, then he has to puncture a balloon by sitting on it and then he has to run to the finishing point.

We all were watching the race because the game itself is funny. So the race had started. we all were clapping hands and were encouraging the participants. The boys were running for the balloons. They are bursting the balloons and running towards the finishing points. Almost all were successful except one. He is trying hard to puncture the balloon. The other boys already reached the finishing point. He is still trying. He is jumping on the balloon but the balloon still disobeyed him. We, the spectators, were laughing, clapping and encouraging him but still, he was failing. Other boys had already reached the finishing point. The winners are selected. He is still trying to puncture the balloon.

The Spectators were fading to watch other sports. Finally, the boy got up and ran towards the finishing point, still with the balloon in his hand. Watching him run, the audience clapped and laughed once again. The incident gave me so much fun that it is hard for me to forget.

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FAQ on Funny Incident Paragraph

1. What is a funny incident?

An incident that amuses us, is a funny incident.

2. What is a balloon race?

A balloon race is an amusement-type race in which one has to burst a balloon and run.

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