A Picnic Essay- 80, 100 and 120 Words

The article is an essay on a picnic. The article includes three essays. The first one is 80 words, the 2nd one is 100 words and the third one is 120 words. Read all the essays carefully and try to compose an essay of your own. So let’s begin.

A Picnic Essay

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Writing Type Paragraph
Word Limit 80, 100, 120
TopicA Picnic
Marks 10
Topic Info

A Picnic Paragraph 100 words

On 25th December last year, we arranged a picnic. We went to Belur Moth. I went there with my friends and our parents. We went there in a mini-van which we hired. We reached the picnic spot by 8.30 a.m. Then we had our refreshments. Later we started playing cricket and the elders began preparing our midday meal. We had our lunch by 2.30 p.m. We took fish, meat and sweets among others in the lunch. Next, we had boating in the Ganges. We enjoyed it greatly. Finally, we returned home in the evening. I got a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from a picnic.

A Picnic I Enjoyed- 80 words

we had a lot of fun on Christmas day. my friends and I had a picnic at Digha. it is a fine picnic spot beside the sea. we spent a nice time at the feast, with fun and music. we also enjoyed boating in the sea. At around 2 pm we took our lunch. The menu was simple- khichuri, potato chips and chatni. Sakib and Samar are good cooks indeed. After the meal, we spent some time playing on the beach. It was great fun. The short winter day fled in no time. We had to start for our homes. I felt a strange sadness in me.

 Essay on A Picnic I Enjoyed

We had a lovely winter last year. One fine morning we came to Panihati Ghosh Bagan. It’s a beautiful picnic spot beside the river. My friends and I took out our sports kit with us. Shyamal Da, the expert cook, set to his work. Rohan was also there to assist him. Our time stole away in merriment and excitement. At 2 p.m. we had our open-air feast. The menu was simple – khichuri, potato chips and chatni. After lunch, we took part in an antakshari contest. It was great fun. We also hired a boat and went up the stream. The sun was then setting. Finally, we started for home. It was a delightful day. Its memory will never be deleted from my mind.

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FAQ on Picnic

1. What is a Picnic?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, A picnic is an occasion when a packed meal is eaten outdoors, especially during an outing to the countryside.

2. What is the difference between a tour and a picnic?

Generally, a tour refers to a journey normally a long one where you visit a place. It takes more than one day. But a pic is nothing about the journey, it is about taking meals outside, mainly in the countryside or the backyards of the house.

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