A Visit to a Book Fair Paragraph 100 words for class 9-10

Writing a paragraph on a visit to a book fair is very interesting. There are three paragraphs on a book fair in about 100 and 150 words for classes 9 & 10 on this page. Read them carefully and tell me which one is suitable for you. Let’s begin.

A Visit to a Book Fair

Dear learner, before you start reading, I suggest you go through the following table. It is about the marks, word limit and question type of the topic. Please have a look at it and continue reading.

Question TypeParagraph
Word Limit100
TopicA Visit to a Book Fair
About the Topic

Write a paragraph on your visit to a book fair. You may use the following hints.

Name of the book fair — the time of the fair — people in the fair — books and stalls — books you bought — your enjoyment.

My Visit To A Book Fair

Last year in December we visited the Kolkata Book Fair. My parents and I had a nice time there. A festive mood was floating in the fair. Hundreds of book stalls stood in rows. Thousands of books were in the show. The stalls were beautifully decorated and lighted. There was a large number of men in a merry mood. They were reading, choosing and buying books. I was busy getting the autographs of great writers. Then my bag became fat with books. But my father rather gave a thin smile. His purse was almost empty.

Visiting a book fair

Visiting a book fair was my dream. I had not visited a book fair in my life. Yesterday my father proposed that we should visit the Howrah book fair in the evening. So we went to the book fair. There were so many stalls full of books. All the stalls are in the queue. We entered every stall and read a few lines. We were trying to understand which books should we buy. Finally, I selected five books from the stalls. My father selected a book on astronomy. We paid the bill at the counter. The seller greeted us with a smile. Finally, we returned to our house. It was my first visit to a book fair. I can’t forget it for my life.

A Visit to a Book Fair Essay 150 words

I have visited a book fair once or twice. But my visit to a book fair last Friday was different from the previous visits. We were returning from school. One of my friends suggested entering the book fair. There was no entry fee. So we entered the fair. We were going from one kiosk to another and read new books free of cost. We had not planned the visit earlier. So we didn’t have any money with us. Then a shopkeeper asked for a quiz. He promised that if we could answer all his questions. he would gift us three books.

After some self-introduction, he began his quiz. He asked a lot of questions from a General Knowledge book. We answered almost all the questions. The mob was thickening in the fair. So he decided to finish the quiz. He was very happy to meet us. Though we were unable to answer all his questions, he gave us three GK books as gifts. We were happy too. Finally, were returned home with new books in our bags.

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FAQ on Book Fair

1. What is a fair?

A fair is a temporary marketplace usually sets up once a year.

2. What is a book fair?

A book fair is a place where books are the only commodity bought and sold.

3. How a book fair is different from the library?

A library is a permanent place for reading books. Whereas a book fair is temporary. A book fair is a market where books are sold. In a library, we borrow or read books.

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