A Visit to a Circus short 100 & 150 words Essay

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A Visit To A Circus Short Essay

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A Visit to a Circus Essay 100 words

Some days are really happy days. In the evening of the Saraswati Puja, my grandfather came. He took me to the Jemini Circus at Parkcircus. The show began at 6. p.m. with the clowns. They made different jokes. We laughed and laughed. Then some girls showed tricks with rings and balls. A girl ran on a rope. It was very thrilling. Next, two motorcyclists ran their cycles in the ‘Well of Death’. I closed my eyes in fear. At last, horses danced and elephants played with a ball. I enjoyed this item very much. I came back home in a happy mood

Essay on a Visit to a Circus 150 words

On the occasion of Janmashtami, my father took me to visit a circus show. After paying for the tickets, we entered the show. It was my first show at a circus. I was amazed to see the animals and birds performing tricks, the boys and the girls doing so many caricatures.

The show began with the clowns. They made the mood for the show. They made jokes, did funny things and made us laugh. Then I saw a parrot riding a tiny tricycle. Then a group of girls and boys performed acrobatics. But the ‘Dome of Death’ was the most thrilling. Two motorcyclists performed fatal stunts inside a dome.

The show ended and we returned to our house. But the memory of visiting a circus will remain forever. How can I forget my first visit to a circus?

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FAQ on Circus

1. What is a circus in a short paragraph?

A circus is an entertaining show performed by humans as well as birds and animals to entertain kids and adults. It is a composition of various sports and acrobatic tricks.

2. How do you write a paragraph for a circus visit?

For writing a paragraph on a circus show, you have to follow the following steps.
1. Collect your thought.
2. Think about the word limit.
3. Give a nice short introduction
4. If the word limit is more than 100, divide it into 2 or 3 short paragraphs.
5. Give a short to-the-point conclusion.
6. You can check sample paragraphs here.

3. What is the importance of the circus?

A visit to a circus relieves our mental burden. We go there to laugh and to be amazed.

4. What is interesting about the circus?

The acrobatics is the most important part of a circus according to me.

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