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A Visit To a Zoo Paragraph

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Question TypeParagraph
Word Limit100
TopicA Visit To A Zoo
Topic Table

My Visit To a Zoo

It was a sunny winter morning last year. I had a jolly time at the zoo with my parents. Cheerful
birds were chirping merrily. The angry tiger was roaring. The hungry lion was pacing restlessly. The proud peacock did not spread its tail. But I was happy to see elephants, zebras, rhinoceros and crocodiles. The sleepy snakes did not please me. But I liked the lively monkeys. They were jumping and making funny faces. One of them took a banana from me. I was thrilled. After three hours I came out, and I began to think about the beautiful creations of God

A Visit To a Zoo:

One winter morning we went to visit Kolkata Zoo. We entered after punching tickets. We visited the animals one by one. ‘Bear’ was walking with a great Personality. Hippopotamus was warming in sun rays. There are many kinds of birds. We found snakes and crocodiles in a separate building. After that, we met with our national animal ‘The Royal Bengal Tiger’. The lions seemed tired. Then we met with leopard, walrus, orangn-otang, baboon etc. When exiting, we met with an ‘otter’ who was waiting for fish. Though we were tired, we enjoyed the visit.

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FAQ on Zoo

1. What is a zoo?

A zoo is a place where wild animals are kept in a controlled environment. It is their second home after the wild.

2. How do you visit a zoo?

A zoo is open to everybody. For visiting a zoo, you have to reach the place at the right time. Then you have to give the entrance fee, if there is any. They will give you a pass/ticket. Now you can enter a zoo.

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