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Welcome to my website eexamprep.com. If you want to learn English then you are on the right website.

About Us/Me- eExam Prep

eExam Prep is the digital medium of learning English for students of schools, colleges, Universities and job preparation. Here is a small effort to teach English for primary, secondary, higher secondary, graduation and competitive exams. Its main purpose is to make English learning easier for students through discussion. Our services are completely free so all the students will be benefitted.

Acknowledgment of gratitude:

Some of the information used on this website is collected from books published by various authors and publishers. I sincerely thank all of their wonderful publications.

It was not possible to obtain permission to publish information on this website in all cases. Above all, I would like to thank Google and Wikipedia.

Our Purpose

This is especially to provide free information to students who are preparing for exams. Forgive me for all my mistakes with the purpose in mind. That’s my hope. Keep visiting my website and keep getting updates as new posts. Every week, posts will be made on suggested topics.

I will give you all the notes you need for the preparation for the English Exam. All posts will be in English.


The website work is not complete, the data update is in progress… …


I’m Swarup Mondal. I’m a teacher in a Govt High School in West Bengal since 2014.

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