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All About a Dog Textual Questions and Answers

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Text/StoryAll About a Dog
AuthorA G Gardiner
TopicMCQ, SAQ & Textual Questions and Answers

Exercise 1 All About a Dog MCQ Question-Answer

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

1 The younger woman carried little

(a) Spaniel
(b) bulldog
(c) Pekinese dog
(d) spitz

2. The younger woman was suffering from

(a) stomach pain
(b) back pain
(c) fever
(d) cough

3 The bell was pulled by the

(a) conductor
(b) driver
(c) younger woman
(d) older woman

4. The number of policemen to whom the woman expressed her anger was

(a) three
(b) four
(c) five
(d) six

5. The problem the bus faced was with the

(a) tyre
(b) engine
(c) brake
(d) horn

Exercise 2 All About a Dog Textual Short Questions and Answers

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:

(1) How many people got into the bus with the younger woman?

Answer: Two people- a male and a female got into the bus with the younger woman.

(2) What was the conductor’s order to the younger woman?

Answer: The conductor ordered the younger woman to take the dog out of the bus.

(3) Why did the conductor stand triumphant?

Answer: The conductor stood Triumphant because the lady had to go upstairs.

(4) What is that rule which cannot be broken without danger to life and limb?

Answer: The rule of the road can not be broken without danger to life and limb.

All About A Dog Exercise 3 Question-Answer

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

(1) When did the author feel that trouble was coming up?

Answer: The conductor was collecting fares. At that time he saw the dog. The narrator immediately understood that trouble was coming up.

(2) Mention two demands made by the passengers when the bus stopped.

Answers: The passengers of the bus made two demands. First, they demanded their fares back. Then they demanded that he should not leave them there all the night.

(3) How are rules of guidance to be observed?

Answers: Rules of guidance should not be observed literally but should be observed in spirit. Common sense should be applied as these rules are for guidance.

Grammatical Questions-Answers

Exercise 4

In the following sentences, underline the verb forms which show that the person denoted by the subject does something. Circle the verb forms which show that on something is done to the subject:

(a) She has sung a song.

(b) A song has been sung by her.

(c) He will draw a picture.

(d) A picture will be drawn by him.

The verb forms that you have underlined are in active voice. The verb forms circled are in passive voice.

The active voice is the form of the verb which shows that the person denoted by the subject does something. The passive voice is the verb form showing that something is done to the subject.

All About a Dog Grammar Questions and Answers Exercise 5, 6 & 7

Change the voice of the following sentences:

5 (a) Nila has bought a book.

A book has been bought by Nila.

5 (b) They will have seen the cricket match.

The cricket match will have been seen by them.

5 (c) Bhola had seen a tiger.

A tiger had been seen by Bhola.

5 (d) The nurse will attend to the patient.

The patient will be attended to by the nurse.

6 (a) Do the sum.

Let the sum be done.

6 (b) The poem was written by her.

She wrote the poem.

6 (c) Open the door.

Let the door be opened.

6 (d The man is known to me.

I know the man.

7 (a) They agreed to my plan.

My plan was agreed to by them.

7 (b) My brother lost my favourite pen.

My favourite pen was lost by my brother.

7 (c) The man is writing a letter.

A letter is being written by the man.

7 (d) Titli is looking for her watch.

Titli’s watch is being looked for by Titli.

All About a Dog Exercise 8 Question-Answer

Tick the correct alternative given in the brackets:

(a) It (rains/ has been raining/ is raining) since morning.

(b) Last Sunday I (went / had been going / go) to the zoo.

(c) 1(will be / was/ am) in class X next year.

(d) Rina (have reached / had reached / has reached) home just now.

a)has been raining
c)will be
d)has reached
verb form table

Exercise 9

Use the following flow chart to write a paragraph within 100 words on how to prepare orange juice:

  • oranges bought from the market-sorted-
  • rotten ones removed-cleaned-
  • peeled-put in a juicer-
  • juice extracted-
  • sugar and preservatives added-
  • poured in bottles-
  • sealed-
  • ready to be sold

Exercise 10

Write a paragraph within 100 words on how you plan to take care of street dogs. Use the following hints:

  • cruel actions towards street dogs-
  • necessity to look after them-
  • ways of taking care of the dogs-
  • conclusion

All About A Dog Extra Question-Answer

1 The younger woman carried a little

a) Spaniel
b) Bull Dog
c) Spitz
d) Pekinese dog

2. The woman with the dog has

a) Stomach pain
b) back pain
c) fever
d) cough

3. The night was

a) very cold
b) very hot
c) moderate
d) pleasant

4. The vacant place was filled by

a) two men and a woman
b) two men and two women
c) the lady with the dog
d) two women and a man

5. The lady with the dog got support from

a) a policeman
b) the conductor
c) a few passengers
d) all the co-passengers

6. The conductor noticed the Pekinese dog when

a) the bus stopped
b) the diver pointed to it
c) The woman shows it
d) he was collecting fares

7. The eyes of the Pekinese dog were like

a) marble balls
b) square boxes
c) beads
d) dogs

8. The conductor had a general grievance against

a) the dog
b) the driver
c) the weather
d) the passengers

9. The conductor shivered at the

a) gate
b) roof
c) window
d) door

10. Everybody in the bus supported the

a) the conductor
b) the driver
c) pekinese dog
d) the lady with the dog

11. Some passengers claim their

a) luggage back
b) boots back
c) fares back
d) dog back

12. The bus stopped for the second time because

a) the tyre got punctured
b) the break failed
c) the passengers wanted to stop it
d) the bus developed engine trouble

13. The whole struggle began. Here struggle refers to

a) The engine-relate struggle
b) the police-related struggle
c) the dog-related struggle
d) struggle for independence

14. The last passenger to get out of the bus was

a) a policeman
b) the driver
c) the conductor
d) the narrator

15. The hard and fast rules are

a) unchangeable
b) changeable
c) breakable
d) dangers to life and limb

Extra SAQ Questions and Answers from All About a Dog

1 What kind of night was it?

Answer: It was a bitterly cold night with piercing east wind.

2. Describe the dog that was with the younger woman.

Answer: It was a little Pekinese dog with beady eyes.

3. How did the animal react to the fuss caused by himself?

Answer: The animal sat blinking at the dim lights, unconscious of the fuss caused by it.

4. How was the temperament of the conductor predicted by the author?

Answer: According to the author, the conductor was of an irritable temperament.

5. What opportunity did the conductor seek?

Answer: The conductor sought the opportunity to show his power.

6. Why did the conductor stop the bus by pulling the bell?

Answer: The conductor stopped the bus by pulling the bell a younger woman boarded the bus with a dog.

7. How did the policeman react to the protest of the passengers?

Answer: The policemen were mostly indifferent and were mere spectators from a distance.

8. What was the author’s parting advice to the conductor?

Answer: The author advised the conductor to observe the rule of guidance in its true spirit only.

9. Why was the conductor dead against allowing the dog’s entry in the bus?

Answer: He abided by the rules that prohibited the dog’s entry.

10. What is the message of the story All About a Dog?

Answer: Rules are to be observed in the spirit only unless their violation causes casualties.

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