All about a dog Summary of the story {in English}

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All About a Dog Summary

All About a Dog by A G Gardiner is a story that gives birth to some questions related to our society, social rules and regulations.

It was a bitterly cold night. The passengers were all eager to reach home early. A young lady carrying a little dog bordered the bus. Immediately the conductor asked the lady to go to the uncovered top of the bus with the dog. But other passengers were quite sympathetic towards the lady with the dog, considering the weather. Moreover, the lady was suffering from cough and cold. So she faces no objection to carry the dog inside the bus.

But the bus conductor could not ignore the rule so easily. He compelled the lady to go to the top of the bus on a winter night. Initially, the lady was reluctant to do that and persisted on staying inside. She also argued with the conductor. But the conductor was rigid in his decision. So he stopped the bus in the midway creating trouble to everyone in the bus. Ultimately the lady had to obey to the dictate.

Later, when the bus developed some engine trouble, the passengers had to tolerate the delay. But the conductor refused to compromise. All through the journey, the lady had to travel on the top of the bus. At the end, the narrator of the story tried to advise to the conductor that rules should be modified according to the circumstances and should be tempered with goodwill.

Rules are formed for comfort but should not cause inconvenience. That is the spirit of a rule. That means, in our society, the most needed thing is not the rules and regulations but its application with humanitarian consideration.

All About a Dog Analysis

in All About a Dog by A G Gardiner, presents an incident that the narrator witnessed once while travelling by bus. The story is based on the theme of class, power, control, determination, defiance and change. From the beginning, the author focuses on the theme of determination.

The conductor is determined to send the woman with the dog to the top of the bus. He is determined to abide by the rules regarding the pets. The woman, on the other hand, is determined not to go to the top in severe cold weather. The woman belongs to the upper class whereas the conductor belongs to the lower class. So he considers her as his opponent and tries to show his power. He knows that he has control in his hand inside the bus. He uses the rules as his weapons in the war against the upper class. The woman also does not want to obey an order from a lower-class person.

The conductor may also have a gender bias. At the end of the story, the narrator explains to the conductor that the rules are made for the benefit and convenience of the common people. But they should be obeyed in spirit and not in words. The latter does not disagree. Thus he shows a change.

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