62 Important MCQ Questions from Fable With Answers

Dear learner, are you looking for MCQ Questions from Fable by Ralph Waldo Emerson? Then you are in right place. Here are 62 important MCQs with answers from the mountain and the squirrel. So let’s begin.

MCQ Question from Fable

Hey, first have a look at the following table. It’s all about the question type, marks and the subject of MCQ. Just have a snapshot and continue reading.

Question TypeMCQ
AuthorR W Emerson
Topic Info Table

Nice. I have divided all the MCQs into three parts. Take a break after each part and try to write them on a piece of paper and check how much you score after each part.

MCQ Questions from Fable: Set 1

1. A prig is a person who puts on the appearance of being-

  • A) morally correct
  • B) morally loose
  • C) physically strong
  • D totally wrong

2.’The former’ refers to-

  • A) the poet
  • B) the mountain
  • C) the squirrel
  • D) the prig

3. ‘The latter points to-

  • A) 10 a.m.
  • B) the poet
  • C) the weather
  • D) the squirrel

4. The squirrel had a quarrel with-

  • A) little prig
  • B) mountain
  • C) weather
  • D) sphere

5. The mountain is-

  • A) very wise
  • B) quite lively
  • C) very big
  • D) very pretty

6. The quarrel was between-

  • A) the forest and the squirrel
  • B) a nut and the squirrel
  • C) talent and wisdom
  • D) the mountain and the squirrel

7. The word ‘prig’ means-

  • A) one who is proud
  • B) one who is humble
  • C) one who is morally correct
  • D) none of these

8. ‘Bun’ is the other name for the-

  • A) mountain
  • B sphere
  • C) year
  • D squirrel

9. ‘Bun’ refers to the-

  • A) none
  • B) mountain
  • C) squirrel
  • D) bunny

10. About the vastness of the mountain the squirrel had-

  • A) confusion
  • B) no doubt
  • C) fear
  • D) no confidence

11. You are doubtless very big”-Here ‘you’ refers to-

  • A) poem
  • B) mountain
  • C) squirrel
  • D) quarrel

12. Litle Prig’ refers to-

  • A) the mountain
  • B) the squirrel
  • C) the forest
  • D) a nut

13. We need to take all sorts of things and-

  • A) mountain
  • B) forest
  • C) weather
  • D) a year and a sphere

14. What is not disgraceful for the squirrel ?-

  • A) to eat nuts
  • B) to be active
  • C) to carry forests
  • D) to occupy his place

15. You are not so small as I/And not half so spry”-The person spoken to is-

  • A) squirrel
  • B) mountain
  • C) weather
  • D) wind

16. The word ‘deny means-

  • A) admit
  • B) confess
  • C) refuse to state
  • D) disagree

17. ‘Sphere literally refers to-

  • A) the outer part of the earth
  • B) the outer limit of the sea
  • C) the outer limit of the space
  • D) all the above

18. The things which are to be taken together to make up a year and a sphere are-

  • A) time and space
  • B) squirrel and mountain
  • C) all sorts of things and weather
  • D) good and evil

19. The squirrel is grateful to the mountain because the mountain-

  • A) lavishes food on him
  • B) houses him
  • C) makes a track
  • D) loves him

20. The squirrel track that the mountain makes is-

  • A) small
  • B) long
  • C) pretty
  • D) broad

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MCQ Questions from Fable: Set 2

21. The word ‘track’ denotes-

  • A) a tunnel
  • B) a trail/ path
  • C) a burrow
  • D) a nest

22. The thing that distinguishes everything in the universe is-

  • A) size
  • B) length
  • C) shape
  • D) talent

23. Talent’ means-

  • A) aptitude
  • B) inclination
  • C genius
  • D) all of these

24. All is put-

  • A) blindly
  • B) sprightly
  • C) equally
  • D) wisely

25. Unlike the squirrel, the mountain can-

  • A) carry forests on its back
  • B) crack a nut
  • C) move about happily
  • D) make a sphere

26. Unlike the mountain the squirrel can-

  • A) make a fountain
  • B) make a squirrel track
  • C) crack a nut
  • D) carry forests on its back

27. The mountain can not crack a/an-

  • A) almond
  • B) monkey nut
  • C) coconut
  • D) nut

28. Pretty’ means-

  • A) nice-looking
  • B) ugly
  • C) short
  • D) sly

29. The poem Fable’ is written by-

  • A) Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • B) Judith Wright
  • C) Ruskin Bond
  • D) Ralph Spenser

30. The mountain is not even so spry as the squirrel.

  • A) two-third
  • B) one-third
  • C) one-fourth
  • D) half

31. The squirrel can not carry on its back.

  • A) mountains
  • B) hills
  • C) forests
  • D) people

32. In the expression “I’ll not deny..” the squirrel does not deny the fact that-

  • A) the mountain is very big
  • B) the mountain makes a very pretty squirrel track
  • C) the squirrel is very small
  • D) the mountain is more powerful than the squirrel

33. The word ‘spry means-

  • A) full of anger
  • B) full of sorrow
  • C) full of life and energy
  • D) full of happiness

34. Thematically, the poem is all about the matter of-

  • A) psychic dilemma
  • B) self-justification
  • C) existential justice
  • D) strategic rejoinder

35. The tone of the poem is-

  • A) humorous
  • B) satirical
  • C) farcical
  • D) sarcastic

36. Bun replied that the is doubtless very big.-

  • A) forest
  • B) squirrel
  • C) mountain
  • D) weather

37. All sorts of things and must be taken in together. –

  • A) sun
  • B) weather
  • C) Bun
  • D) mountain

38. The name of the poem is-

  • A) Fable
  • B) Bun and Squirrel
  • C) A Moral Story
  • D) Quarrel of Squirrel and Mountain

39. Little Prig’ refers to

  • a) mountain
  • (b) the squirrel
  • C) the forest
  • d) the tiger

40. The mountain is-

  • a) very wise
  • (b) quite lively
  • (c) very big
  • d) very pretty

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MCQ Questions from Fable: Set 3

41. The quarrel was between-

  • a) the forest and the squirrel
  • (b) a deer and the squirrel
  • (c) talent and wisdom
  • (d) the mountain and the squirrel

42. Unlike the squirrel, the mountain can-

  • (a) carry forests on its back
  • b) crack a nut
  • c) move about happily
  • d) make a sphere.

43. Those who quarrelled included squirrel and the-

  • a) hill
  • (b) mountain
  • c) prig
  • d) weather

44. The word ‘former’ refers to-

  • a) mountain
  • (b) squirrel
  • (c) prig
  • (d) sphere

45. Between the squirrel and the mountain, there was a-

  • a) battle
  • (b) fight
  • c) quarrel
  • d) friendship

46. Bun’ is the other name of the

  • a) squirrel
  • (b) mountain
  • (c) year
  • d) sphere

47. Here the Little Prig is-

  • a) the squirrel
  • b) the mountain
  • (c) the forest
  • d) the nut

48. Little Prig is uttered by-

  • a) year
  • (b) bird
  • (c) mountain
  • (d) squirrel

49. The squirrel admits that the mountain is-

  • a) little
  • (b small
  • (C) big
  • (d) short

50. About the bigness of the mountain the squirrel is-

  • (a) doubtful
  • b) suspiCious
  • (c) without doubt
  • (d) with doubt

51. Weather is put together to make up a-

  • a) mountain
  • (b forest
  • (C) squirrel track
  • d) year

52. Sphere is made up of

  • a) mountain
  • (b) all sorts of things
  • (C) nuts
  • d) nothing

53. By Occupying his place on the earth the squirrel is-

  • a) ashamed
  • b shameful
  • (c) disgraced
  • (d) not ashamed

54. Squirrel track is made by the

  • a) squirrel
  • (b) Forest
  • (C) mountain
  • d) talents

55. On its back the mountain carries-

  • a) palace
  • b) forest
  • (c) squirrel
  • d) sphere

56. According to squirrel everything is put-

  • a) accordingly
  • (b) foolishly
  • c) beautifully
  • d) wisely

57. The squirrel does not think it a disgrace to occupy the-

  • (a) nest
  • (b) place
  • c) palace
  • d) hole

58. The squirrel track on the mountain is-

  • (a) not beautiful
  • (b) uncomfortable
  • c) comfortable
  • d) pretty

59. The mountain is not so-

  • (a) big as the squirrel
  • (b) huge as the squirrel
  • (C) small as the squirrel
  • (d) strong as the squirrel

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60. The mountain is incapable of

  • (a) carrying a forest
  • (b) making track
  • c) quarrelling
  • d) cracking a nut

61. Talents of people are-

  • (a) different
  • (b) equal
  • (c) unique
  • (d) rare

62. The squirrel can not

  • a) crack a nut
  • (b) make squirrel track
  • (c) carry a nut
  • (d) speak

Answers to the MCQ Questions from Fable-

1 A2 B3 D4 B
5 C6 D7 C8 D
9 C10 B11 B12 B
13 C14 D15 B16 C
17 C18 C19 C20 C
21 B22 D23 D24 D
25 A26 C27 D28 A
29 A30 D31 A32 B
33 C34 C35 B36 C
37 B38 A39 B40 C
41 D42 A43 B44 A
45 C46 A47 A48 C
49 C50 C51 D52 B
53 D54 C55 B56 D
57 B58 D59 C60 D
61 A62 B
MCQ Answer Table

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