Apple Jam Preparation with flow chart 100 words

The article is about the processing writing of apple jam preparation. The Word limit of the paragraph would be about 100 words. I have explained here how to prepare apple jam at home. However, read the flow chart and the answer subsequently.

Preparation of Apple Jam

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Use the following flow chart and write a paragraph on the preparation of apple jam at home.

Flow Chart– collecting apples — sorting and removing rotten ones — cleaning — cutting into pieces — boiling into containers to make pulp — mixing sugar and chemicals — putting into sterilised bottles — sealing — labelling — despatching to market for sale.

Preparation of Apple Jam

Apple jam is a very tasty and healthy food item. Anyone can prepare it by following some easy inter-connected steps. At first, apples are collected from the market. Then they are sorted and the rotten ones are removed. The fresh ones are now washed and cleaned. Next, the fresh ones are cut into small pieces. After that these pieces are boiled for some time in a container to make pulp. Then the required quantity of sugar and chemicals (mainly preservatives) are added to it. Now the mixture is put into sterilised bottles. After that, the bottles are sealed and labelled. Finally, they are despatched to the market for sale.

Thank you for reading the processing writing. Can you write now about how to prepare apple jam at home? Anyway, You can also read-

Apple Jam Step by Step

Time needed: 1 hour and 10 minutes

How to make apple jam step by step-

  1. Collection of Apples

    First, apples are collected from the garden or bought from the market. Select only fresh apples.

  2. Sorting and Checking

    Sort the apples. Remove unripe, defective and rotten ones.

  3. Cutting

    Cut the apples in small pieces. Make the pieces as small as possible.

  4. Boiling

    Boil these pieces in a container- any container you have. Put a lid on the container

  5. Adding sugar and preservatives

    After 10 minutes remove the lid and add sugar and vinegar or lemon juice into the container and wait for 5 minutes.

  6. Cooling

    Let the jam be cooled for some times.

  7. Storing

    Now pour the jam in bottles and can store the jam in freeze for days.

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