Apple Juice Processing Writing in 100 words

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Apple Juice Processing Writing

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Use the following flow chart and describe the process of preparing apple juice (100 words)

Flow Chart– ( apples bought from the market — sorted and rotten ones removed — cut into pieces — put into juicer — juice extracted — sugar and chemicals added — put into sterilised bottles — sealed and labelled — sent to market. )

Apple Juice Preparation

Apple juice is a very tasty and healthy drink. It is one of the most favoured drinks too. The preparation of apple juice is very simple. It is prepared through the following steps. At first, apples are bought from the market. Then they are sorted and the rotten ones are removed. Now the good ones are cleaned with fresh water. After that, they are cut into small pieces. Next, these pieces are put into a juicer machine. Thus the juice is extracted from the apples. Then sugar and other preservatives are added to the juice. Now the juice is ready and it is poured into sterilised bottles. Finally, apple juice is ready and is sent to the market for sale.

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FAQ on Apple Juice

Time needed: 5 minutes

Describe the process of preparing apple juice in 5 steps.

  1. Buying or Collecting apple

    First, you must have apples in your hand either from the market or from the garden

  2. Cleaning of apples

    Apples are first cleaned with fresh water.

  3. Cutting of apples

    Apples are cut into small pieces for extraction of juice.

  4. Extraction of Juice

    Those pieces are put into a juicer and juice is extracted.

  5. Consume or preserve

    Apple juice can be consumed directly or preserved in bottles for a long time with preservatives.

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