Appreciation of Autumn poem by John Clare {Class 9}

The following passages are the appreciation/substance of the poem ‘Autumn’ by John Clare of class 9. Here I have tried to critically explain the whole poem. Read this appreciation carefully and try to understand the poem in minute detail.

Appreciation of Autumn by John Clare

Clare’s love of nature and close observing mind gets expressed in the poem ‘Autumn’. A picture of windblown autumn is presented here. Autumn is the season of falling leaves, bare tree branches and strong winds, as after autumn the season of winter will come. So autumn and winter create a complete desolation in nature But in Clare’s presentation, playfulness and sportiveness are observed in autumn.

The poem starts with the poet’s declaration that he loves autumn for various reasons. The gust of wind blows all the time and shakes the windows all day. Again faded and dead leaves continually fall from the elm trees because of the blowing wind. Those fallen leaves are carried by the strong wind, sometimes twirling by the window pen. and then carried through the lane.

Until the night comes, the small twigs shake and dance in the presence of strong wind. The poet loves to see all these. The sparrow, sitting on the cottage roof, will chirp despite the cool desolation. This gives a reminder to the poet about spring and summer. Even in autumn, the poet can feel the warmth of spring and summer. It seems to him that spring was just present with all the playfulness and mirth and led the flowers to lie on summer’s lap.

The cottage smoke that curls upward through the leafless bare trees is an object of attraction. and love for the poet. The pigeons are taking shelter around their nest, probably seeking some warmth amid dull and cool November days. The cock is crowing, sitting casually on a dunghill as if everything is all right. The windmills are blowing gracefully and slowly with the help of strong wind.

Lea or meadow is left with stubble after crops are harvested. From the raven’s breast feather is falling on the lea. Fruits of the oak tree are falling on the ground, creating a rhythmic sound. It is happening near the old crow’s nest. The pigs are running in a hurry towards these fruits to eat.

So this is a colourful picture of rural England in autumn.

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