4 Baby Girl Diet Recipes- New Moms Must know

A new mama wonders what her baby girl’s diet recipes should be. Don’t worry I am here with 5 healthy diet recipes for your baby girl. They are easy to prepare and I have also some tips for you. Don’t worry, you will become a master of cooking after reading this article. I am sure your baby would love all these recipes. So let’s begin.

Daal Rice Recipe

Yes, it is my favourite recipe. I prepare this diet recipe for lunch for my baby girl. Don’t worry, it is not Khichri. It is just simple daal rice. Just have a look at the following table.

RecipeDaal Rice
IngredientsRice, Musur Daal (Red Lentis), butter, salt, rock salt & or sugar
Age Group7 months to 1 year
PurposeLunch, leaving breast feeding
Daa Rice

Cooking Process

Take 2 tablespoons of rice and 2 tablespoons of red Lentis in a cup. Wash them properly with water. Please keep them in water for 5 minutes so that they can soak some water. It will reduce your cooking time.

Now put the rice and the Daal in a pressure cooker. Add a pinch of common salt to the cooker. It will make the rice fluffy. Pour twice the amount of water into the cooker. Put the lid and put it up in the oven on high flame. After 4 to 5 minutes, the cooker begins to whistle. Lower the flame to medium and cook for 10 minutes more or for two more whistles.

After 15 minutes the mixture will be ready. Now remove the lid and rinse the excess water. Within minutes the water will be drained out. Now put the rice in a pot and smash it with a spoon or put them in a mixer grinder. Add some butter and sugar (optional). Add some water to make the mixture a bit liquid. Add a pinch of rock salt to the rice. Your baby girl definitely likes this (diet) recipe.

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Banana Apple Pudding

Here is another simple recipe for your girl. I call it banana-apple pudding. It is healthy, full of protein and fibre. It is yummy. Check the table below.

RecipeBanana Apple pudding
IngredientsRipe banana, Apple & Milk
Age group7 Months to 2 years
pudding recipe table

Cooking process

This is a very simple recipe. It would take only 5 minutes to prepare it. At first, you have to peel a ripe apple. Then cut it into small pieces. Keep the size of the pieces small to shorten the cooking time. Then boil or simmer these pieces to make them softer.

Put these boiled apple pieces in a grinder with a small peeled banana or half of a peeled big banana. Add some milk to make the mixture softer. Blend them for a minute. Now your pudding is ready. Add extra milk if you need it. Now pudding for your baby is ready.

Potato-Egg Diet Recipes for Baby Girl

Dear lady here is another diet recipe for your baby princes. It is potato egg puree. This diet is beneficial for weight gain. You can use this recipe as dinner or snack in the evening. Let’s have a look at the table below and follow the cooking method thereafter.

Recipe NamePotato Egg Puree
IngredientsPotato, Egg butter and milk (optional), salt, pepper powder
Age Group1 year or more
potato egg puree table

Cooking Process

First, take a medium size potato and an egg. Wash the potato and the egg with clean water. I suggest you not to peel the potato. Boil them for 15 minutes. Or until the skin of the potato become loose. At that time the egg will be hard-boiled. Remove them from the water. Peel them. Now chop the potato until it becomes smooth. Now break the egg in two halves. Take the egg yolk and mix it properly with the potato. Now take a hand grinder or a fork and make the egg white as smooth as possible.

From here you can follow two steps. First, you can add butter and salt to the mixture. Add water if the puree is hard and feed this to your baby.

Or you can follow the second method. As this is a weight gaining food. You should add some extra fat. Put a pot in the oven. Add a teaspoon full of sunflower oil or coconut oil. Keep the flame from low to medium. Now pour the mixture into the pot. Mix the oil with the mixture properly. Now add cow milk or coconut milk to it. Put the lid on the pot. Within 5 minutes potato egg puree will be ready.

Suji Potato Kheer

This is the last recipe I am mentioning right now. There are a few more in my inventory. But first, let us discuss Suji Potato Kheer. It is yummy. The best part is that you can add different colours and flavours to it. So first check the table below.

Recipe Name
IngredientsSuji, Potato, Ghee, salt, sugar, peanut, cashew, almond
Age Group1 Year or more
suji potato recipe table

Cooking Method

Well, the cooking process of suji potato kheer is quite simple. First, you have to bake or boil a potato. Peel it and smash it with a spoon. Now take two tablespoons full of suji in a cup. Put a pot in the oven. Pour a teaspoon of Ghee into that pot. Now mix the suji with it. Stir it for 2 to 3 minutes. Then add the smashed potato with the suji. Now pour a cup of water into the pot.

Now add either salt or sugar. You can experiment here. Cook it with sugar one day and cook it with salt the other day. Add peanut, cashew and almond powder to the mixture. Stir it well. Add extra water if you found the mixture is hard. Put the lid on the pot and after 4 to 5 minutes the Suji potato kheer will be ready.

Some essential tips for moms

  1. Keep all the dry food at home.
  2. Fry the suji earlier, it will keep the suji fresh and reduce cooking time. Keep all the suji in an airtight container.
  3. For peanut powder, fry the peanuts and put them in a grinder. Use a sieve to collect the powder.
  4. You can do it for almonds and cashew also.
  5. For using dates, you can buy date powder.

If you follow these tips. It will certainly reduce your cooking time and keeps all the dry foods fresh for a long time. If you have the problem of ants in your house, You can store all these foods in the refrigerator too.

Thank you for reading the diet recipes for your baby girl. Taste the foods before you give them to your baby girl. Happy parenting.

FAQ on baby girl diet recipes

1. Suggest some recipes for my baby girl.

Recipes for baby girl is very sensitive. Here are some diet recipes for your girl-
1. Daal Rice Pudding
2. Suji potato Kheer.
3. Egg Potato Puridge
4. Boiled Banana Apple
Check details of the cooking method.

2. How long it takes to cook food for my baby?

Well, it depends upon many factors. Use pro tips for moms in the blog to cook quickly food for your baby.

Thank you again. Share your opinion on the recipes I have mentioned in the blog, in the comment section below.

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