Blood Donation Camp Process Writing 100 words

The following paragraph is a processing writing on how a blood donation camp is organised. The Word limit of the paragraph is about 100 words. Here I have explained the process of setting up a blood donation camp.

Blood Donation Camp Process Writing

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Study the following flow chart and write a paragraph on how a blood donation camp is organised.

Flow Chart- setting up of camp — enlisting names of donors — the arrival of blood bank staff — testing blood groups — donors lie on beds — compressing veins — cleaning the skin with ether — inserting needle — collecting blood in packets — proper labelling — keeping in the refrigerator — taking to the blood bank

Setting up a Blood Donation Camp

A blood donation camp is necessary to maintain a steady blood supply in the hospitals. A blood donation camp is set up in the following steps.

At first, a camp is set up in public places. Then the names of the blood donors are enlisted. On the scheduled day blood bank teams arrive at the centre. They first tested the blood groups of the donors. Some beds are placed in the camp on which donors lie. Next, their veins are compressed and the skins are cleaned with ether. Then needles are inserted into the veins of the donors. The blood is then collected in the polythene packets. Now the packets are labelled with the correct blood groups, date and time. Then the packets are stored in refrigerators for preservation. Finally, blood collection is finished. Then the packets containing blood are sent to the blood bank and preserved there for future use.

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FAQ on blood donation-

1. Who can donate blood?

In India, Any person whose age is above 18 and who is healthy can donate blood. It is our moral duty to donate blood at least twice every year. Anyone can donate blood up to four times a year.

2. How many times can I donate blood?

You can donate blood up to 4 times a year.

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