Building Construction Process Writing 100 words- Class 9 & 10

The writing is about the process of building construction. The paragraph is about 100 words. Here in this writing, I have explained the process of how a building is constructed.

Building Construction Process Writing

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TopicBuilding Construction process
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Use the following flow chart to write a paragraph on how a building is constructed. (Process Writing)

Flow Chart– Drawing of a plan of the building by the architect — getting the plan sanctioned by the municipal or corporation authority — engaging masons and labourers — starting the construction with bricks, cement and sand — fitting doors and windows — plastering of walls — wiring — electric and water connections — painting — building completed — fit for living

Building Construction Process (Paragraph)

We live in buildings. Construction of a building needs a lot of money, time and labour. The construction of a building is done by the following steps. At first, a plan is drawn by an architect. Then it gets sanctioned by the municipal authority or by the corporation. Next, some masons and labourers are engaged in the construction work. The construction I started with bricks, cement and sand. When the basic structure is made, doors and windows are fitted. Then the plastering of the walls is done. Wiring on the walls is done too. After that electric and water connection are availed. At last, walls, windows and doors are painted with colours. Now the building is completed and is fit for living.

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FAQ on Building Construction

Time needed: 180 days

What are the steps in the building construction process

  1. Planning

    A plan is drawn by the architect.

  2. Sanctioning

    The plan is sanctioned by the competent authority- Municipality or Panchayet.

  3. Engaging of Masion & Labour

    Mason and Labours are engaged in construction work.

  4. Carpenter, Plumber & Electrician

    Carpenters Electricians and plumbers are engaged in the work

  5. Tiles and Marble

    Then tiles and marble are fitted in the rooms.

  6. Colouring

    Walles and windows are coloured.

  7. Living

    The house is now fit for living.

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