The Clever Crow- Short Story with Moral (Story Writing)- 100 words

This article is a moral story of the clever crow and the foolish fox. The story is within 100 words and is very important for examination. Read the story carefully and try to compose a story of your own. An outline (hints) is also given for your reference. So read it and practise it in your exercise book.

Write a story (within 100 words) using the given hints. Give a title to the story.

crow sitting on a tree-piece of meat in its beak- fox passing under the tree – wants the meat -asks the crow to sing crow keeps meat under its feet and sings-fooled, fox leaves

Dear learner, before you start reading, have a look at the following table. It is about the marks, word limit and question type of the story. Just have a look at it and continue reading.

Question TypeMoral Stoy
Word Limit100
TopicThe Clever Fox and the Foolish Crow Moral Story
Topic Info Table

The Clever Crow and the Foolish Fox Story

Once a crow was looking for food. Then it found an empty meat shop. It managed to steal a piece of meat from there. It flew from there to a lonely place to enjoy its prize. The crow just started eating the piece of meat, a fox was passing by under the tree. He saw the meat and tried to play a trick. He said, “Oh black beauty! You are looking gorgeous today. Your voice is also good like your beauty. Can you please sing something? I have not heard from you long”. The clever crow understood the intention of the fox. It said, “Yes, of course”. It kept the piece of meat under its feet and started singing. The cunning fox was thus befooled. He left the place immediately.

Title Options:

  1. The Clever Crow
  2. The Clever Crow and the Cunning Fox
  3. The Cunning Crow

Moral of The Clever Crow and the Foolish Fox Story


  1. A Flatterer must not be trusted.
  2. Don’t be over-smart.

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FAQ from the story

1. Where did the crow get meat?

The crow got the meat from a meat shop.

2. Did the fox get the meat?

No. He did not get the piece of meat.

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