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Paragraph on Early Rising

Early rising has so many benefits. But first take a look at the following table and continue reading. The table is about the question type, word limit and marks.

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100 words Early Rising Paragraph

Early rising is a good habit. Good habits build a good character. And a man of good character builds his own destiny. To rise in life we should rise early. In the early morning, nature looks beautiful. Birds sing. The sky seems to smile in the soft sunlight. Now we can enjoy a walk in the fresh air. The mind gets joy. The lungs get oxygen. It’s a good start for the day. The fine quiet morning is an ideal time for studies. We can also pursue hobbies. The early riser starts his work early. So he finishes all his work early. He is never in a hurry. He finds leisure and rest. Moreover, he leads a healthy and happy life.

150 words Early Rising Paragraph

There is a proverb in English saying that “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. So rising early is beneficial to us. Early rising benefits us in many ways. Nature is calm and one can enjoy the fresh morning air. We can have a morning walk or some physical exercise in the cool and fresh air. If we rise early, we can start our day’s work early. So there would be no hurry. We can prepare for our studies early. Thus early rising makes us healthy and punctual.

There is also a proverb saying that “health is wealth”. So by rising early we can get the greatest of all wealth- good health. After a sound sleep, our mind and body are free of all stress. So we can think and work properly. Finally, we can say that only one small wise step- rising early can change our lives forever. So we can truly say rising early makes us “healthy, wealthy and wise”.

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FAQ on Early Rising

1. What is early rising?

Early rising means rising from sleep at the beginning of the day (morning). It generally indicates 4.00-6.00 am local time.

2. What are the benefits of early rising write your views.

There are so many benefits of early rising. Firstly, Everything about your day’s work will start early. So you can fish them early. You will be in no hurry. Our minds and body are fresh in the morning. So if you are a student, you can easily understand the topic of your study. Moreover, fresh morning air is good for our lungs and brain. So early rising is beneficial in every way.

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