Essay on Lion- (5 & 10) lines + 100 words

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Essay on Lion

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Essay on Lion

The Lion Essay 5 Lines 

  1. The lion is the king of the jungle.
  2. It is a ferocious animal.
  3. It eats the meat of animals.
  4. Lions are found in India and Africa.
  5. It lives in pride.

Lion Essay 10 lines 

  1. The lion is the king of animals.
  2. It is a very ferocious hunter.
  3. It kills animals and eats their flesh.
  4. But a lion is a very social animal.
  5. The herd of Lions are called pride.
  6. The baby of a lion is called a cub.
  7. The male is called a lion and the female is called a lioness.
  8. Lionesses hunt food for their pride.
  9. Lions are found in Africa as well as in India.
  10. Gir forest in Gujarat is famous for Asiatic lions.

Essay on Lion 100 words

The lion is called the king of the jungle. It is the largest of all cats. The Scientific name of the lion is Panthera Leo. Presently it lives in Africa and India. But once it was found in North America and Eurasia too. It is a nocturnal carnivorous. It generally hunts its prey at night. The male lion is the head of a pride. He gets the best meal of every prey. He spends most of his time sleeping. His main duty is to protect his pride from other lions. On the other hand, a lioness hunts for food for her pride. She also takes care of the cubs. So the lions live in societies and it is called lion’s pride.

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FAQ on Lion

1. What is the scientific name of the lion?

The scientific name of the lion is Panthera Leo.

2. Where lions are found presently?

Presently Lions are found in Africa and India.

3. Name a forest where lions are found in India.

Gir forest in Gujrat, India.

4. What is a lion?

Lion is a big cat.

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