Essay on Myself- 10 lines, 100 & 120 words

The article is about Essay on Myself. In this article, you will find 4 essays. The first essay is in 10 lines, the second one is within 100 words, the third one is within 150 words and the fourth one is a casual essay about myself for a job interview. So, please read the essays and find which is suitable for you. Let’s begin.

Essay on Myself

Dear learner, first have a look at the following table. It is about the marks, question type and word limit of the essay. Just look at it and continue reading.

Writing TypeEssay /Paragraph
Word Limit 100/120 words
Topic Info

Myself Essay 10 lines

  1. I am Nishan Joshi.
  2. I am eight years old.
  3. My father is Sri Aditya Joshi
  4. My mother’s name is Mrs Hema Joshi.
  5. I have a sister.
  6. She reads in class one.
  7. I am a good boy.
  8. Everybody loves me.
  9. I obey my parents and teachers and go to school every day.
  10. I love to watch cartoons on TV.

Myself Essay 100 words

I am Vicky Kar. I am 16 years old and study at Delhi Public School and I live with my parents. My father is a Civil Engineer and works in P.W.D, West Bengal. My mother is a housewife. Every Summer we return to our ancestral village to spend our holiday with my grandfather. Gardening is my hobby. We have a small garden in front of our apartment. Now I am preparing for both joint and board exams. I want to be a Civil Engineer like my father. So I am studying hard.

Paragraph on Myself

I am Neha Choudhury, a student in class eight at DAV Public School. Myself being very good at study is a favourite to all the teachers. I am interested in dancing and playing Tennis. I stood first in the Tennis tournament in the school’s annual sports last year. Collecting coins is my hobby. My father helps me in collecting coins. I have a very small Family. My family consists of my father, my mother, my grandfather, and me. My grandfather loves me very much. He forgets everything. I help him find his stick and glass. I also help my mother with cooking. That’s all.

Myself (short Introduction) for Job Interview

Sir, I am Vipul Das, a graduate of Jadavpur University in Mechanical Engineering. I studied Robotics at IGNU. I live with my parents in Dehradun. Playing Chess is my hobby. Mechanized doll-making is my hobby. ‘A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking is my favourite book. I believe in Karma. I believe that the identity of a person is decided by his Karma.

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FAQ on Yourself

1. What is your name?

My name is …………………..

2. What is your father’s name?

My father’s name is ………………………

3. Where do you live?

I live in …………………………

4. In which class do you study?

I study in ………………………….

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