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Post Office Essay

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Writing TypeEssay /Paragraph
Word Limit 5,10 line & 100,150
TopicPost Office
Marks 5/10/12
Topic Info

5 Lines Composition on Post Office

  1. The post office is a govt delivery service.
  2. The postmaster is the head of a post office.
  3. Modern post offices were established in 1854.
  4. More than 1.5 lakh post offices are in India.
  5. It also acts like a bank in many areas.

Post Office Essay 10 Lines

  1. The Post Office is a govt agency.
  2. There are more than 1.5 lakh post offices in India.
  3. The post office issues postal stamps.
  4. The postmaster is the head of a post office.
  5. It delivers letters and parcels.
  6. It also gives many financial services.
  7. It sells insurance, NSC and many other products.
  8. Presently they also run payment banks.
  9. People can deposit and withdraw money from here.
  10. But the financial condition of the Post Office itself is very poor now.

Essay on Post Office 100 words

The modern Post Office was first set up in India in 1854. Presently, Govt of India has a separate Ministry of Communication. It is now responsible for its operations. Post Office is mainly a retail delivery service provider. It delivers mail and parcels. It also provides many financial services. The Post Office has also a payment bank- Postal Payments Bank. More than 4.5 million employees work in 1.5 million post offices in India. So the post office is now not just a post office, it is a bank also.

Post Office Essay 150 words

In 1854 Lord Dalhousie established modern post offices in India. Presently, the Department of Post under the Ministry of Communication operates postal systems in India. There are more than 150000 post offices in India. More than 450000 employees work in these offices. The head of a post office is called the postmaster and the delivery man is called a pion or postman. It is a retail service provider. The post office delivers mail and parcels. It uses postage stamps as a fare for its services. But in recent times it has provided other services too. It deals with many financial products like NSCs, Kisan Credit Cards, postal insurance etc. It also serves as a bank. The banking system is called Postal Payments Bank

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FAQ on Post Office

1. What is the full form of PIN?

PIN stands for Postal Index Number. Every post office in India has a unique PIN number.

2. What is the fastest way to send a letter?

Speed Post is the fastest way to send a letter.

3. Does the Post Office have ATMs?

Yes. Post Office operates ATMs.

4. Who is the head of a post office?

The Postmaster is the head of a post office.

5. Who delivers a letter to you?

A Peon or a postman delivers a letter to you.

6. Is the post office essay important in school exams?

Yes, It is important in school exams.

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