Formation of Rain Process Writing 100 words for classes 9 & 10

The following article is a processing writing on the formation of clouds and rain. The article is about 100 words. In the next paragraph, I have explained the process of how cloud is formed and how rain is formed.

Formation of Cloud & Rain Process Writing

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Write a paragraph on how rain is formed with the help of the following flow chart.

Flow Chart- the heat of the sun — water from water bodies heated up — rises as water vapour — height reaches — contact with cold air — condenses — forms tiny droplets — cloud formed — gets heavier — falls down as rain

Process of Rain & Cloud Formation

Rain is a natural phenomenon. It is an important part of nature and the environment. It occurs almost everywhere on the earth. Rain is formed in a cyclic order. Water from the water bodies like rivers, lakes and oceans is heated up by the sun. Then the water turns into water vapour and rises up in the sky. When it reaches high in the sky, it comes in contact with the cold air. There it condensed and forms tiny droplets of water. Thus cloud is formed. The tiny droplets join one another and get heavier. The gravity of the earth pulls these droplets. At last, they fall down to the earth in the form of rain.

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FAQ on Rain

1. How clouds are formed?

Clouds are a mixture of water vapour and aerosol. At first, Water from different water bodies like lakes, rivers and oceans rises up in the sky in the form of water vapour. With the rise in height, the air cools down, and the vapour condensed. Then water vapour with other particles of the air forms clouds.

2. What is acid rain?

When the rain becomes acidic in nature, it is called acid rain. Air pollution, mainly the presence of various oxides like CO, CO2, and SO2 in the air makes the rain acidic in nature.

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