Fruit Juice Preparation Process Writing 100 words

The following paragraph is a processing writing on the preparation of fruit juice. This is general-purpose writing and can be applied to any fruits that have juice in them. The word limit of the paragraph is about 100 words.

Preparation of Fruit Juice Processing Writing

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TopicPreparation of Fruit Juice
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Study the following flow chart and write a paragraph on the preparation of fruit juice.

Flow Chart- fruit collected — peeled and washed — cut and crushed in juicer — strained and collected in a container — sugar syrup added — poured in sterilised bottles — despatched for sale.

Fruit Juice Preparation

Fruit Juice is a healthy and delicious drink. It refreshes our minds and body. Its popularity goes high, especially on hot summer days. However, it can be prepared easily at home following some easy steps. At first, fruits are bought from the market or collected from the garden. Then the fruits are washed in clear water. Next, they are peeled and cut into pieces. The pieces are then put into the juicer. After that, the juice is strained with a sieve. Now the juice is collected in a container. Then sugar syrup is added to increase its sweetness (optional). Later the juice is poured into sterilised bottles. Finally, they are sent to the market for consumption.

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FAQ on Fruit Juice-

1. How should I prepare for juicing?

Fruits and fruit juice are food items which we generally consume raw. So hygiene is very important. Wash everything- fruits, knife, spoons, glass, container, juicer before use. Use soap or sanitiser to make your hand germ free. Wearing gloves is the best because it protects you from both the knife and the germs. Use an apron if you wish to protect your dress from the strains of fruit juice.

2. Is fruit juice a healthy drink?

Yes, fruit juice is a healthy drink. It is full of vitamins and minerals. If you have any medical condition like diabetes, seek a doctor’s advice.

Time needed: 5 minutes

What are the steps for the preparation of fruit juice?

  1. Fruits are bought/collected

    Various types of juicy fruits are bought from the market or collected from the garden.

  2. Washing

    All the fruits are washed in clean water.

  3. Peeling

    All the fruits are peeled.

  4. Cutting

    All the peeled fruits are cut into small pieces

  5. Juicing

    These pieces are put into a juicer and the juice is extracted.

  6. Sweetening

    Sugar or sugar syrup is added to the juice.

  7. Serving

    Finally, fruit juice is served among the guests.

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