How Biscuits are made (Processing Writing) 100 words

The following article is a processing writing on how biscuits are made (Manufactured) in about 100 words. In this article, I have explained how biscuits are prepared in the bakery & factory. So let’s begin.

Biscuits Making Processing Writing

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On the basis of the following hints write a paragraph on how biscuits are made in a factory or bakery (100 words)

Flow Chart- ingredients like flour, fat, sugar, water and other additives like cashew and almonds have been taken — mixed in the right proportions in the mixer for around 15 minutes — dough formed — cut in different shapes and sizes — baked at a temperature of 100 to 130 degree to remove moisture — cooled — packed — made ready for consumption

How Biscuits Are Made

Biscuits are an important food item in our daily life. We start our day with biscuits and a cup of tea. These biscuits are produced in factories and bakeries in the following steps. At first, ingredients like flour, fat, sugar, water and other additives like cashew and almond are collected. Then all the ingredients are mixed in the right proportion in a mixer for around 15 minutes. Thus a dough is formed. Next, the dough is cut into different sizes and shapes. After that, these are baked at a temperature of 100 to 130 degrees celsius to remove the moisture from the biscuits. Then they are left for some time to be cooled. After cooling they are packed and sealed. Finally, they are made ready for consumption.

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FAQ on Biscuits-

1. How to write a process writing essay/paragraph?

In my previous article’s FAQ, I have said about what is process writing and why it is in the syllabus. In short, You have to follow these steps. 1) Imagine and write a suitable title. 2) give one or two introductory sentences about the process or product. 3) follow the hints/flow chart, and write extra lines/words if necessary. 4) use simple present tense 5) Write in passive voice format (be verb + third form/past participle of the verb). 6) Use linkers to co-relate the process.

2. What is a biscuit?

A biscuit is a small thin and hard cake that usually is eaten as a snack.

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