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How Does the postal system work? Can you write a paragraph on how the postal system works? Here is a sample 100 words paragraph on how the postal system works in India. So le’s begin quickly and learn more about the system.

Postal System Processing Writing

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Question TypeProcessing Writing
Word Limit100
TopicPostal Service system
Topic Info Table

Study the following Flow Chart and Write a Paragraph on how the Postal System Works in India.

Flow Chart- letters written — posted — collected by the postman — taken to the post office — sorted out — despatched to destinations — sent to different post offices — delivered to addresses.

Postal System

A letter from an old friend pleases us very much. Letters serve us in various ways. We send invitations and news or apply for jobs through letters. A letter from the sender goes to the receiver through the postal system. At first, a letter is written. Then the sender drops it in the letter boxes at the post offices. At certain times it is collected by the postman with other letters. The letters are then sorted and grouped according to the addresses written on the letters. Later they are despatched to their prescribed destinations. From the head post offices, the regional post offices collect the same. Finally, they deliver these letters to respective addresses.

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FAQ on Post Office-

1. What is Process or processing Writing?

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2. When was the postal system introduced in India?

The modern postal system was introduced in 1727 in India by the East India Company.

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