How to Borrow A Book From a Library 120 words

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How to Borrow a Book

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Describe the process of borrowing books from your school library.

Flow Chart- locate book/books in the library catalogue — note the catalogue number of the book — fill in the requisition form mentioning the library card number — place requisition form in the appropriate box — allow time for books to be brought — take books together with the card — book checked — card retained — last date of return stamped — book/books handed over to the borrower.

How to Borrow a book From a Library

Books are a great source of knowledge. Sometimes we need to borrow books from the library. Borrowing a book involves some steps. First, the book which we want to borrow is located with the help of the catalogue. The catalogue number is noted. Then a requisition slip mentioning the library card number and the catalogue number is filled up. Next, the requisition form is placed in the appropriate box. After that time is allowed for the books to be brought. Then both the card and the book are taken to the counter. Then the book is checked and the card is retained on the counter. Next, the last date of return is stamped inside the book. Finally, it is handed over to the borrower.

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FAQ on Library

Time needed: 5 minutes

1. How books are received in the library step by step?

  1. Submitting the book

    Submit the book over the counter.

  2. Checking

    The book is checked. If everything is ok, the book is registered. If distorted or damaged, you will have to pay a fine.

  3. Maintain Register

    The return date is noted in the catalogue or computer.

  4. Library Card

    The library card is then returned to the user.

  5. Submission completed

    The book is submitted and it is then placed in its proper place.

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