100 words writing on the Process of Idol-Making

The following article is a processing writing on the process of idol-making. In this article, I have explained the process of making idols. The paragraph is about 100 words.

Process of Idol-Making Writing

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Write the full process of idol-making using the following points in your writing.

Flow Chart– making bamboo structure — wrapping the structure with straw — putting clay on straw — leaving for drying — colouring — decorating with clothes and ornaments — ready for sale.

Idol Making Process

Idol-making and worshipping are a part of the Hindu religion. Idols of gods and goddesses are worshipped in different religious festivals. These idols are made in the following ways. At first, bamboo is cut into small pieces. Then they are tied to give a structure. After that, the structure is wrapped with straw using threads. Next clay is put on the straw and a proper shape is given to the idols. Later these idols are left for a few days in a cool shade for drying. When the clay is dry, colour is put on the idols. Then the idols are stored again in a cool shade for drying. Finally, the idols are decorated with clothes and ornaments. Now the idols are ready for worship and are sold in the market.

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F.A.Q. on Idol Making

1. What material is used for idol-making?

Idols are made from different materials like clay, wood, stone and metals. The idols which are placed permanently in temples are generally made from stone or brass (metal). And the idols which are worshipped in Pandals in religious festivals are generally made from clay. These idols are immersed in water after the puja or festival.

2. What does Idol mean in Bengali?

In Bengali Idol mean Protima.

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