Importance of Newspaper Paragraph in 100 words

The following article is a sample paragraph on the Importance of a Newspaper. The word limit of the paragraph is about 100 words. In this paragraph, I have explained why the newspaper is important in our life. So let’s begin.

Paragraph on The Importance of Newspaper

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Importance of Newspaper Paragraph

The newspaper gives us news. It is a map of the modern world. It keeps us in touch with everything around us. The reporters collect information. These turn into news. A newspaper informs us about politics, sports, cinemas and markets. It publishes notices, advertisements and fine stories. So it actually gives something of everything. It also provides views of eminent persons. These views are compelling. These can build or break a Government. Our mornings seem incomplete without a newspaper. It removes our dullness after the day’s toil. But like the lovely lily, it has a short life. At night it lies dead in the heap of old papers.

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FAQ on Newspaper

1. How do you start a newspaper paragraph?

Like any other paragraph, you should start the importance of the newspaper paragraph with an introductory sentence. It may be the main importance of why we read newspapers or their overall contribution to society. Just keep one thing in mind, there must be harmony with the conclusion.

2. What is the role of the newspaper in society?

The main role of a newspaper is to serve the news. It also acts as a platform for exchanging opinions.

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