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Importance of Trees Paragraph

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TopicImportance of Trees
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Importance of Trees Paragraph: 100 words

Trees are the Greatest creation of Mother Nature. Every living being on earth is dependent on trees for their existence. Life would be impossible on Earth without them.

The most important thing that we get from trees, is Oxygen. We Can not live a moment without oxygen. they also absorb the carbon dioxide from the air and maintain the balance of O2- CO2 in the air. Trees play an important role in cloud formation. They prevent floods and drought. Plants lock the moisture in the soil and make it fertile. More than ten thousand species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and animals are wholly dependent on trees for their food, shelter, and habitat. Many products like rubber, paper, spice, and resin are made from trees.

Importance of Trees Paragraph 120 Words

There are no mistakes in life. There are only lessons. In the past, we could not realize the value of trees. Today we’ve learnt to love them. In fact, we can’t live without them. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen that we breathe in. Thus they purify the air. As there are trees we get our food crops. They give us ripe fruits, fragrant flowers and green vegetables. We get wood, spices, honey, wax and various medicines from them. Trees bring rain and check soil erosion. They make forests. Beasts and birds get shelter there. For trees, there is a balance in nature. For them, the earth is green and beautiful. It hasn’t turned into a dry desert. Trees are our saviours. We must save them in order to survive.

Importance of Trees Essay 150 words

Trees are our best friends. There would be no life on earth without them. They provide us with so many things. Trees make our planet Earth suitable for living. They are so important to us that we can not imagine life on Earth without them. let’s explore their importance.

  1. There are two forms of life on earth, namely Flora(trees) and Fauna(animals). They are linked to each other for their existence. Without Flora, there would be no Fauna.
  2. Trees are the producer of food in the Food Chain. They convert the photo-voltaic energy of the sun into chemical energy. Thus they make glucose, fructose, etc.
  3. Many Species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals are solely dependent on trees for their food, shelter, and habitat.
  4. Trees prevent soil erosion and keep the moisture intact in the soil. Thus keeping the soil fertile and preventing severe floods and droughts.
  5. Through photosynthesis trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. So they keep the circulation of greenhouse gasses in check.
  6. Apart from all these, they produce so many things for our needs. They give us fruits, flowers, wood, leaves, timber, bark, spices, rubber, resin, medicine, and much more.

So the importance of trees is limitless. Without trees, there would be no life on Earth.

Importance of Trees Paragraph: 300 words

It is without a doubt that Trees are important for life on Earth. They are an integral part of the ecology and the environment. Life can not be sustained on the planet without them. Let’s explore how important they are.

Producer of Food

Trees are the producer of food in our ecosystem. They absorb the light energy from the sun and convert it into chemical energy (glucose). Thus providing food directly or indirectly to all the animals. The process is called photosynthesis.

Producer of Oxygen

Another byproduct of photosynthesis is Oxygen. Every living organism needs Oxygen to live. We inhale it in the process of respiration and release Carbon Dioxide.

Reduce Global Warming

Trees take away that Carbon Dioxide from the air. As CO2 is a Greenhouse Gas, It is Responsible for Global Warming. But Trees absorb this CO2 and cool the earth.

Preserve Soil

Tree cover protects the soil from erosion. Tree leaves prevent direct hits of raindrops to the soil. They also prevent hard wind. Tree roots hold the soil tightly and prevent erosion by water.

Increase Soil Fertility

Dead tree leaves increase Biomass in the soil. They also keep the moisture intact in the ground and make it fertile.

Control Rainfall

Trees can control rainfall. Every day they release a massive amount of water vapour into the air. This helps in cloud formation. they make the water cycle smooth. Having fewer trees makes an area vulnerable to severe floods and drought.

Home of Birds and Animals

Several species of birds, reptiles, and animals are dependent on trees for food and shelter. Trees are important for their survival.

Useful Products from Tree

Leaf: Apart from direct consumption, we use leaves to make plates and cups Some people use them to make shedding
Flowers: We decorate our houses with flowers. Gifts them to our dear ones. Flowers are used for making an essence. They are also used as spices.
Fruits: We consume a lot of fruits. All these fruits come from trees.
Seeds: We consume a lot of seeds every day, Grains like rice and wheat are seeds. We also eat beans and nuts. They are also seeds.
Economy Crops: palm, rubber, tea, coffee all these are money-making plants. Products from these trees are harvested on a large scale.
Paper: Paper is produced from grass and soft trees. It is an essential item in the business, education and printing industry.
Rubber: Another product from trees is rubber. It is produced from rubber trees.

Trees also produce resin, wood, timber, bark, and so on. The list is so long. That’s the importance of trees.


So the importance of trees is immense. From food to shelter, from ecology to the environment, and from producers of food to our protectors, trees play an important role in our lives. So we should love these friends and do everything to protect them.

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FAQ on Trees:

1. Is paper produced from Trees?

Yes, Paper is produced from Trees. Soft-wood trees and grass are used to make paper.

2. Name some Greenhouse Gases.

Co2, No2, Ozone, Methane, and CFC are some greenhouse gasses.

3. What is a Forest?

A large area covered by trees is called a forest.

4. What is the largest forest in the world?

Amazon forest is the largest forest in the world.

5. Which forest is called the ‘lungs of the earth?

Generally, we call Tropical rain forests, ‘the lungs of the world.

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