76 Important MCQ Questions from Father’s Help with Answers

Here is a list of some important MCQ questions from Father’s Help by R K Narayan of Bliss Class X (Class 10) of WBBSE.

These MCQs will be very helpful in your learning journey. First, read the Story Father’s Help Carefully and then answer the MCQ questions. You can take a notebook, pen/pencil and answer the questions.

MCQ Questions with Answers

The answers to all the MCQ questions are given at the end of the page. Once you have finished the questions, verify your answers with the answers given at the end of the page. Let’s begin.

Dear learner, first have a look at the following table. It is about the question type, marks etc. Just look at it and continue reading.

Question TypeMCQ
Class X (10)
TopicFather’s Help
Question Info

MCQ Questions and Answers: Unit 1

1. Swami realized with a shudder that it was the morning of-

  • a) Sunday
  • b) Monday
  • c) Friday
  • d) Saturday

2. It seemed only a moment ago it was-

  • A) Monday
  • B) Sunday
  • C) Saturday
  • D) Friday

3. Swaminathan wailed that he had a headache at-

  • A) 10 a.m.
  • B) 9.30 p.m.
  • C) 9.00 a.m.
  • D) 9.30 a.m.

4. Swami was advised to stay at home by his-

  • A) father
  • B) mother
  • C) aunt
  • D) grandfather

5. Swaminathan should have been in the school prayer hall at-

  • A) 9.15 am
  • B) 9.00 am
  • C) 9.30 am
  • D) 10.30 am

6. Swaminathan was lying-

  • A) on the bed in mother’s room
  • B) on the bed in father’s room
  • C) on the bench in his school
  • D) on the bench in mother’s room

7. Father advised Swami to loaf less on-

  • A) Saturdays
  • B) Sundays
  • C) Tuesdays
  • D) Mondays

8. Swami’s father was very-

  • A) amiable
  • B) friendly
  • C) strict
  • D) strong

9) The name of the teacher whom Swami was afraid of was-

  • A) Michael
  • B) Samuel
  • C) Samson
  • D) Philip

10) Samuel is especially angry with the boys who-

  • A) are absent from the class
  • B) complain to the Headmaster
  • C) come late to school
  • D) don’t prepare their home tasks

11. “Even the headmaster is afraid of him.” Here ‘him’ refers to-

  • A) Swami
  • B) Swami-‘s father
  • C the Peon
  • D) Samuel

12. Reason cited by Swami for not going to school was-

  • A) headache
  • B) toothache
  • C) pain in the toe
  • D) None of these

13. On realising how strict his father could be, Swami, changed his-

  • A) decision
  • B) approach
  • C) tactics
  • D) mind

14. Swaminathan disliked-

  • A) Mondays
  • B) Tuesdays
  • C) Thursdays
  • D) Saturdays

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15. Swaminathan’s mother was-

  • A) rigid
  • B) lenient
  • C) furious
  • D) silly

16. Swami lied to –

  • A) his father
  • B) his mother
  • C) both
  • D) None

17. To loaf about means –

  • A) to be lazy
  • B) to eat more
  • C) to play about
  • D) to go about

18. According to Swami, the headmaster-

  • A) distrust Samuel
  • B) admired Samuel
  • C) was indifferent to Samuel
  • D) was afraid of Samuel

19. Samuel would scold Swami-

  • A) if he fails to bring his home task
  • B) if he would Create disturbance in the class
  • C) if he would be late
  • D) if he would not bring his father’s letter

20. According to Swami, his headmaster is very-

  • A) harsh
  • B) furious
  • C) polite
  • D) gentle

Nice, you have finished 20 MCQ questions from Father’s Help. Let’s verify the answers at the bottom of the page.

21. On Monday morning Swami felt-

  • A) curious
  • B) afraid
  • C) joyful
  • D) pleasant

22. Swami should have attended the prayer in the

  • A) Church
  • B) house
  • C) hall
  • D) school

MCQ Questions and Answers: Father’s Help Unit 2

23. Swami stopped on the roadside to-

  • A) change his mind 
  • B) decide something 
  • C) take rest
  • D) look for his friend

24. Samuel had-

  • A) a shaved cheek 
  • B) a long beard 
  • C) a French-cut beard 
  • D) an unshaven cheek

25. The yellow coat was worn by-

  • A) Swami 
  • B) Swami’s father 
  • C) Swami’s headmaster
  • D) Samuel

26. While going to school Swami was-

  • A) suffering from the qualms of conscience 
  • B) Enjoying the scenic beauty.
  • C) anticipating the punishment 
  • D) gloating over his success

27. While going to school Swami felt-

  • A) delighted 
  • B) morose 
  • C) guilty 
  • D) angry

28. Whose behaviour took an unexpected turn?-

  • A)  Mother’s 
  • B) Father’s 
  • C) Samuel’s
  • D) Swaminathan’s

29. The author of Father’s Help is-

  • A) Raja Rao
  • B) Mulk Raj Anand
  • C) R K Narayan
  • D) Taru Dutta

30. Swami has for his school.

  • A) love
  • B) Fear
  • C) Affection
  • D) Hatred

31. Swami’s father decided to send the letter to-

  • A) the class teacher 
  • B) the Secretary 
  • C) the head of the institution 
  • D) the arithmetic teacher

32. Samuel used to put on-

  • A) yellow shirt 
  • B) green shirt 
  • C) yellow coat 
  • D) green coat

33. Swami believed that-

  • A) Samuel really deserved the allegations made against him
  • B) Samuel had a particular corner for Swami 
  • C) Samuel was a bad sort of teacher 
  • D) Samuel was a good teacher

34. While going to school Swami was bothered by-

  • A) headache 
  • B) toothache 
  • C) fever
  • D) conscience

35. Swami felt that he had mixed up-

  • A) abstract and concrete 
  • B) normal and abnormal
  • C) real and the imagined 
  • D) concave and convex

36. In his letter Swami’s father had written about-

  • A) Swami 
  • B) Samuel 
  • C) discipline
  • D) plenty of things

37. As Swami went to school he felt that he was-

  • A) the best boy 
  • B) the worst boy 
  • C) the most obedient boy 
  • D) the most intelligent boy

38. Swami regarded himself as the worst boy on earth because-

  • A) he was a poor student
  • B) his teacher was going to punish him 
  • C) he falsely blamed a good teacher 
  • D he falsely blamed his friend

39. Swami also felt Samuel had a special regard for him.” Here ‘regard’ means-

  • A) disrespect
  • B) affection 
  • C) fun 
  • D) respect

40. Swami felt sorry for his-

  • A) father 
  • B) mother 
  • C) friend 
  • D) teacher

Bravo. Continue reading. You have finished 40 MCQ questions from Father’s Help. Let’s take a break. Check the answers below and take note of how much you score.

41. Swami’s father put the letter in a/an-

  • A) seal 
  • B envelope 
  • C) file 
  • D) a small bag

42. Swami went to school feeling that-

  • A) he was the best boy in the school 
  • B) he was the worst boy in the world 
  • C) he was the best boy in the world 
  • D) he was the worst boy in the class

43. As a man Samuel was-

  • A) vindictive 
  • B) cruel 
  • C) amiable 
  • D) quarrelsome

44. Samuel’s face was- 

  • A) bright 
  • B) dark 
  • C) unshaven 
  • D) shaven

45. Samuel’s moustache was-

  • A) bright 
  • B) dark 
  • C) unshaven 
  • D) thin

46. “Swami asked apprehensively”- ‘Apprehensively’ means-

  • A) worriedly 
  • B) gladly
  • C)sorrowfully 
  • D) cheerfully

47. Swami was sure that his description of Samuel was-

  • A) accurate 
  • B) inaccurate 
  • C) a mixture of the real and the imagined 
  • D) a figment of imagination

48. Swami’s father instructed him to hand over the letter to the headmaster –

  • A) after going to class 
  • B at the end of class 
  • C) during the tiffin break 
  • D) before going to class

49. Swami’s conscience bothered him. Here bothered’ means-

  • A) annoyed 
  • B) disturbed
  • C) inspired 
  • D) elated

50. Swami was bothered by his-

  • A) conscience 
  • B) bad habit 
  • C) anger 
  • D) disgust

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51. Swami went to school in-

  • A) happy mood 
  • B) confident mood 
  • C) dejected mood
  • D) unhealthy situation

52. Swami’s father composed a long letter to the Headmaster by the time-

  • A) Swami took his breakfast 
  • B) Swami took his bath 
  • C) Swami got ready 
  • D) Swami collected his books into the bag

53. The last period ended at-

  • A) 4.00 p.m. 
  • B) 4.15 p.m. 
  • C) 4.30 p.m.
  • D) 4.45 p.m.

54. Swami decided to deliver the letter to the headmaster-

  • A) at the beginning of the day
  • B) during the arithmetic class 
  • C) at the end of the day 
  • D) during the tiffin break

55. Swami had never met anyone as good as-

  • A) his father 
  • B) Samuel 
  • C) his mother 
  • D) his friend

56. Samuel was a teacher of-

  • A) English 
  • B) Physical Science 
  • C) Numerical Science
  • D) Math

57. Swami expected Samuel to behave with him-

  • A) politely 
  • B) tenderly 
  • C) rudely
  • D) strict

58. On being late Swami feared that Samuel would-

  • A) chide him 
  • B) praise him 
  • C) pamper him 
  • D) pester him

59. Swami’s father knew that Swami wouldn’t— the letter to the headmaster.

  • A) deliver 
  • B) sell 
  • C) hand out 
  • D) leave

60. Swami came to know that the Headmaster was on leave from

  • A) the clerk
  • B) the peon 
  • C) the Assistant Headmaster
  • .D) the janitor

61. Samuel wanted more parents like-

  • A) Samuel’s mother 
  • B) Samuel’s father 
  • C) Swami’s father 
  • D) Swami’s mother

62. Samuel gets angry most while he-

  • A) teaches the class 
  • B) conducts the prayer 
  • C) checks the homework 
  • D) trains the players

63. Swami was late-

  • A) one hour 
  • B) two hours 
  • C) half an hour 
  • D) three hours

64. Father snatched the letter and-

  • A) gave it to the headmaster himself 
  • B) tore it up 
  • C) threw it in the dustbin
  •  D) drop in the post office 

65. When the last period was over Swaminathan ran-

  • A) out of school 
  • B) to the Headmaster’s room 
  • C) home 
  • D) to Samuel

66. We want more parents like him’ -Here ‘him refers to-

  • A) Samuel 
  • B) Samuel’s father
  • C) Swami 
  • D Swami’s father

67. Before entering his school Swami halted –

  • A) at a stall 
  • B) at the bookstall 
  • C) at the gate of the school 
  • D) at the Headmaster’s room

68. Swami found that Samuel was-

  • A) not in the class 
  • B) teaching arithmetic 
  • C) calling rolls
  • D) scolding a boy

69. Samuel might do something to justify –

  • A) Swami’s punishment 
  • B) his father’s attitude
  • C) the letter 
  • D) his love

70. Swami claimed that he had-

  • A) toothache 
  • B) stomachache 
  • C) headache 
  • D heartache

71. When he learnt that Swami’s father had sent him to school, Samuel –

  • A) criticised him
  • B) thanked him 
  • C) praised him 
  • D) patted him 

72. Samuel was teaching –

  • A) Geometry 
  • B) algebra 
  • C) trigonometry 
  • D) arithmetic

73. The headmaster was on a leave for-

  • A) a fortnight 
  • B) one week 
  • C) two weeks 
  • D) one month

74. Swami sat down feeling-

  • A) jubilant 
  • B) happy 
  • C) sad 
  • D) worried

75. An idea occurred to Swami when he entered-

  • A) the office 
  • B) the school gate
  • C) the classroom 
  • D) the school premises

76. But that day Samuel appeared very-

  • A) humorous 
  • B) clumsy 
  • C) furious 
  • D) gentle.

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Wow. You have finished all the MCQ questions from Father’s Help. Now verify the answers from the table below and check your score.

1 B20 D39 B58 A
2 D21 B40 B59 B
3 C22 D41 B60 B
4 B23 D42 B61 C
5 C24 D43 C62 C
6 D25 D44 B63 C
7 B26 A45 D64 B
8 C27 C46 A65 B
9 B28 B47 C66 B
10 C29 C48 D67 C
11 D30 B49 B68 B
12 A31 C50 A69 C
13 C32 C51 C70 C
14 A33 B52 C71 C
15 B34 D53 C72 D
16 C35 C54 C73 B
17 A36 B55 B74 C
18 D37 B56 D75 B
19 C38 C57 C76 D
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