Insects Essay 100 words 2 sets

The following article is a short essay on insects. There are two essays on the topic. The first one is a nice short essay and the second one is on Insects our friends.

Essay on Insects

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Topic1. Essay on Insects
2. Insects our Friends
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Short Insects Essay

Insects are small creatures. They have six legs and usually have wings. Their body is divided into three parts-the head, the thorax and the abdomen. There are different types of insects. The mosquito, the bee, the housefly and the butterfly are flying insects. They have wings. The ant, the bug, the caterpillar etc. are non-flying insects. Insects have no backbone. They may be ugly or beautiful, useful or harmful. The black mosquito causes malaria. The tiny fly spreads cholera. Butterflies help to produce seeds. And bees meet a great need. They give us honey.

Insects Our Friends- Essay

Insects are everywhere. Sometimes we love them, and sometimes we hate them. Some of them are harmful and some of them are beneficial. We call the harmful insects, vectors and we call the useful insects as friends. Flies and mosquitoes are vectors. Butterflies and bees are friends. They are beautiful and useful insects. The butterfly is a colourful insect. It flies from flower to flower and helps in pollination. Honey bee helps in pollination. But they additionally give us honey. Silkworm gives us silk dragonfly and spider help us in controlling pests in the corn fields.

So the insects are not bad at all. Even the vectors like mosquitoes and flies help us indirectly. They belong to the primary food chain of the ecosystem. Thus they provide food to the animals of the second layer of the food pyramid. So they are also important for the ecology and environment.

So without a doubt, we can say that insects are our friends and we should help them whenever possible.

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FAQ on Insects

1. What is the importance of insects?

1. Insects lie on the second layer of the food pyramid after the producers.
2. They help in the pollination of the trees.
3. Various products silk and manure are produced by the insects

2. What are the 10 characteristics of insects?

1. Insects are cold-blooded.
2. They have no skeletons. Some of them have exoskeletons.
3. Many insects have wings.
4. They usually have 6 legs.
5. They might be colourful, harmful or useful.
6. Their body is divided into three parts- head, thorax and abdomen.
7. They lay eggs.
8. The babies are called larvae.
9. The disease-spreading insects are called pests and vectors.
10. Insects like butterfly and bee helps in pollination.

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