John Masefield Biography 130 Words

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John Masefield Biography

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Full NameJohn Edward Masefield
DOB1st June 1878
Death12th May 1967
Award/TitlePoet Laureate of England
About John Masefield

John Edward Masefield

John Edward Masefield was a well-known English Poet. He was born on 1st June 1878. He lost his parents at an early age. His education started in 1888 at King’s School in Warwick. Later he studied at HMS Conway, a school-ship. At this stage, he developed a story-telling capacity and decided to become a writer. He worked as a sailor but found no interest in it. By the year 1902, he started writing poems. His first collection of poems was Salt-Water Ballads. “Sea Fever” was included in the collection. He wrote two novels- Captain Margaret and Multitude and Solitude. His famous creations are ‘Salt-Water Ballads’, ‘Ballads’, ‘The Midnight Folk’, ‘The Box of Delights’, ‘The Everlasting Mercy’, ‘Sea Fever‘ etc. He became the Poet Laureate of England in 1930. He was also awarded the Order of Merit by King George V. Masefield breathed his last on 12th May 1967.

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FAQ on John Masefield

1. Where was the poet John Masefield born?

John Masefield was born in Ledbury, United Kingdom.

2. Where was John Masefield when he wrote Sea Fever?

John Masefield took the job of a sailor. He passed many years on the sea. During that period, he composed the poem Sea Fever and later it was included in Salt-Water Ballads. The poem was published in 1916.

3. Which poem is written by John Masefield?

John Masefield wrote Sea Fever and Cargoes.

4. What is the poem I must go down to the sea again?

‘I must go down to the seas again’ is the first line of the poem “Sea Fever” by John Masefield.

5. Who appointed John Masefield as a poet?

King George V appointed him as Poet Laureate of England.

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