A Boat Journey Paragraph- 60 & 100 words

A boat journey on a moonlit night is very fascinating. Here I compose two paragraphs for you on the topic. The first one is on a moonlit night and the second one is a thrilling one. It is a journey on the open sea by boat. I hope these essays will be helpful for the students of classes 8, 9 and 10.

A Boat Journey Paragraph

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Question TypeParagraph Writing
TopicA Boat Journey
Word Limit60, 80 100
Question-Marks-Word Limit

A Boat Journey on a Moonlit Night Paragraph

The last summer vacation was full of fun. We, the four friends, wanted some adventure. So from Hawrah, we fared a country boat. It was a lovely moonlit night. A gentle breeze was blowing. There were ripples on the river. The moon shone on small waves. Her beams strewed all around. On the banks, we could see temples, monuments and trees. The shadowy trees looked like giants. Everything was bathed in silvery light. We sat silently in peace. We can describe our brief boat journey in words. But words can’t describe the thrill it brought to us.

A Boat Journey Paragraph in 60 words Paragraph

We were on a trip to Digha. It was a family trip. There we fared a small country boat. This was the first time I ever boarded a boat. A gentle breeze was blowing. I can remember the sailor took us to the open sea. Our boat was going up and down with the waves. I was thrilled. I felt sort of an adventure. Then I urged the boatman to take us a bit more to the open sea. But he decided to return to the shore and our trip ended there.

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FAQn on the boat journey

1. Why do people ride boats?

People took a boat journey mainly for two reasons- 1) for moving purposes and for entertainment.

2. What is the difference between a boat and a ship?

A boat is generally small in size but a ship is immense in size. Again a boat may or may not have engines but a ship must have an engine.

3. Do ships sail on rivers?

Yes, sometimes they sail on rivers before docking at the ports.

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