Preparation of Mango Pickle 100 words Processing Writing class 9

The article is about Mango Pickle Processing Writing in about 100 words for the students of classes 9 and 10. In this paragraph, I have explained how mango pickles are prepared at home. The word limit of the paragraph is about 100 words. It is for the students of classes 9 and 10. So let’s begin.

Preparation of Mango Pickle Processing Writing

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Question TypeProcessing Writing
Word Limit100
TopicMango Pickle Preparation
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Study the following flow chart and describe how mango-pickle is prepared (word limit 100 words)

Flow Chart- collecting mangoes — sorting and removing rotten ones — cleaning — cutting into pieces — mixing salt, spice, mustard oil and chilli — keeping in a big flat container in the sun — pouring into jars

Mango Pickle Processing Writing

Mango pickle is a mouth-watering food item. The process of its preparation is very simple. At first, green mangoes are bought from the market. Then they are sorted and the rotten ones are removed. Later the fresh mangoes are properly cleaned with water. Next, these are cut into pieces. Thereafter salt, mustard oil, chilli and other spices are mixed with the pieces in the right proportion. The spiced mangoes are now kept in a big flat container. The container is kept in the sun for some days. The mango pieces become tender with time. Then these tender mango pieces are poured into jars. Finally, the pickle is ready to serve on plates.

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FAQ on Mango Pickle

1. Which chemical is used in mango pickles?

The only chemical used to prepare mango pickles is ordinary salt (NaCl). No other chemical is required for the preparation or preservation of mango pickles.

2. How long can I store Mango Pickles?

If you can avoid direct contact with water, mango pickles can be stored in the house for a year or more.

3. What is mango pickle used for?

Mango pickle is a subordinate food. It is taken as we take butter, jam and jelly with our main food.

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