Milk Processing Paragraph 100 words

The following paragraph is a processing writing on milk production. I have explained here how milk is processed in factories. The word limit of the paragraph is about 100 words. Read the article carefully and check how milk is processed in the factories. So let’s begin.

Milk Processing Paragraph

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Use the following flow chart and write a paragraph on how milk is processed.

Flow Chart- milk received — taken to the factory — weighed and tested — butter content separated — boiled at 82-degree centigrade temperature — cooled — packed — sealed — delivered to the shop.

Milk Processing

Milk is full of nutrients. It is a balanced food. Milk is processed in the factories in the following steps. At first, milk is received from dairy farmers. Then it is taken to factories. There the milk is weighed. Thereafter the milk is tested. Next, the butter content is separated from the milk. Now the milk is boiled at 80°C temperature. Then it is left to cool. After cooling the milk is poured into bottles and packed in pouch packets. Then all these pouches and bottles are sealed. Next, they are labelled in the machine. Finally, milk is ready to be delivered to the shops and houses.

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FAQ on milk

1. What is milk pasteurisation in short?

Pasteurisation is a heat treatment used in several liquids like milk and beverage to keep them bacteria and pathogen free. At First, milk is boiled at a high temperature and then it is cooled suddenly.

2. Importance of milk processing.

You can not store raw milk for a long time. Processing and pasteurisation of milk help us to make milk bacteria and pathogen free and preserve it for a long time.

3. Who invented Pasteurisation?

Louis Pasteur invented the Pasteurisation process in 1862.

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