My Class Teacher Essay- 10 lines, 100 & 120 words

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My Class Teacher Essay

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Writing TypeParagraph/Essay
Word Limit80, 100, 120
TopicMy Class Teacher
Topic Info

My class Teacher- 10 lines

  • I am Ayush.
  • 2. I read in class 4 at DAV Public School.
  • 3. Sunita Ma’am is our class teacher.
  • 4. She is fair and slim.
  • 5. She wears a saree
  • 6. Our ma’am is our language teacher.
  • 7. She is very polite and never got angry
  • 8. Her voice is sweet.
  • 9. She checks our homework every day.
  • 10. We all love our Sunita, ma’am, very much.

My Class Teacher Essay in 100 words

I am Amina. I read in class 7. Miss Divya is our class teacher. She is fair and fat. She wears a saree. Actually, She is our math teacher. She is very polite and cares for us very much. Her voice is sweet. She can sing. She checks our homework every day. When She enters our class, we all stand to greet her. She also greets us in return. After entering the class, she notes our attendance. If anyone is absent, she asks us about her whereabouts. She is a great teacher; When she taught, math becomes easy. Her Style of teaching is fantastic.

My Class Teacher Essay in English

I read in class 9. Vikash Sir is our class teacher. He is handsome and smart. Everybody likes him. He has a very attractive personality. He taught us English. His teaching style is really fine. He can represent any idea in simple language. I like my class teacher., particularly his teaching. He has a diverse personality. Apart from teaching, he can draw and he can sing. Once he sang ‘Sare Jahan Se Acha‘. How beautiful it was. He is a patriot also. Vikash sir can draw Bharat Mata in just a few minutes. He is caring too and has a great Personality. So all the students love him very much. He is My class teacher, my favourite Vikash Sir.

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FAQ on My Class Teacher

1. Who is a class teacher?

A teacher who is responsible for a particular group (class/grade) of students, is called a class teacher.

2. What is the job of a class teacher?

A class teacher knows the best about a student. He motivates and performs academics in the classroom.

3. So, What is the name of your class teacher?

The question is just for fun. OK, now tell me the name of your class teacher.

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