My Favourite Bird Peacock Essay- 10 lines-100-150 Words

My Favourite Bird Peacock Essay in English is my simple attempt to deliver an authentic essay on my favourite bird topic. In the article, you find 2 essays. The first one is in 10 lines and the second one is within 150 words. So read the essays carefully and find which is best for you.

My Favourite Bird Peacock Essay in English

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Writing TypeParagraph/Essay
Word Limit10 lines & 100 and 150 Words
TopicMy favourite bird is Peacock
Topic Info Table

My Favourite Bird Peacock Essay 10 lines

  1. The peacock is my favourite bird.
  2. It is also the National Bird of India.
  3. It is the most colourful bird in the world.
  4. The feather of a peacock seems like a rainbow.
  5. Its wings are weak but it has strong legs.
  6. So it can not fly high or long but can run very fast.
  7. It hunts small reptiles and amphibians.
  8. It also eats ripe fruits and seeds.
  9. A peahen builds its nest in the ground.
  10. The dance of a peacock in the rain is a fantastic scene to be seen.

The Peacock Essay/मेरा प्रिय पक्षी मोर in English 100 Words

The lovely peacock is a living rainbow. Its feathers are multi-coloured. It’s a big and beautiful bird. It is not a singer, but a dancer. The peacock is seen in India and some other Asian countries. It is a male bird with a fan-like tail. On its head, there is a crest of feathers. This looks like a crown. When it rains the peacock dances in joy. It then spreads out its wonderful tail. A dancing peacock is a lovely sight. The peacock lives on food grains and harmful insects. It is a farmer’s friend. It spreads the Indian message of beauty and joy. So it has become our national bird.

My Favourite Bird Peacock Essay in English 150 words

The peacock is my favourite bird. It is also the National bird of India. It is found in East and South-East Asia. A Peacock is known for its beauty. Its whole body is covered with blue and green feathers. The tail of a peacock resembles the colour of a rainbow. The female is a peahen. Its tail is short. It builds its nest in the ground in the rainy season. A peacock unfolds its tail and dances in the rain to win the heart of a peahen. Peacock hunts small reptiles and amphibians for food. It also eats various types of seeds and fruits. There are many sanctuaries in India where one can see peacocks in their natural habitat. Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary, Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary and Viralimalai Peacock Sanctuary are some examples of peacock Sanctuary.

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FAQ on Peacock

1. What is your favourite bird?

The peacock is my favourite bird.

2. What is the National Bird of India?

The peacock is the National Bird of India.

3. What is the National animal of India?

The Tiger is the National Animal of India.

4. Is Peacock an endangered species?

No, Indian Peacocks are no more endangered species. They belong to the least concern category presently.

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