My Favourite Flower Jasmine Essay-5, 10 Lines & 100 Words

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My Favourite Flower Jasmine

Honestly, I love Jasmine. It has a sweet smell. I wonder why most of my friends like roses. The bright white colour and the sweet smell attract me so much that I can’t express it in words. Anyway, look at the following table and continue reading.

Question TypeEssay/Paragraph
Word Limit5-10 lines, 100 words
TopicMy Favourite Flower is Jasmine
Jasmine Essay

Jasmine is my Dear Flower- 5 Lines

  1. Jasmine is my favourite flower
  2. It is white in colour.
  3. It has a beautiful fragrance.
  4. Jasmine blooms in the evening.
  5. There are many varieties of jasmine in the world.

My Favourite Flower Jasmine [10 Lines]

  1. I love Jasmine.
  2. It is a shrub. But some jasmines are vine too.
  3. It blooms in spring and summer
  4. Jasmine is generally white in colour
  5. But some jasmines are light yellow in colour
  6. It has a beautiful smell
  7. Many women tie jasmine garland with their hair
  8. The fragrance is used to prepare cosmetics.
  9. the flower is also used for decoration
  10. so it is my favourite flower.

My Favoured Flower Jasmine Essay

If Rose is the queen, Jasmine is the king of flowers. While rose has the beauty, Jasmine has the quality. Jasmine is a small white flower. Apparently, there is no beauty in its appearance.

But the beauty lies in its fragrance. When Jasmine blooms in the evening, the whole area vibrates with its fragrance. The attraction is so high that even the dark night cannot resist the honey bees. They all buzz around the Jasmine flowers.

There are many types of Jasmine found all over the world. Some are pure white in colour some have tiny complexions. Some Jasmine’s are shrubs, others are vines.

Jasmine performed various purposes in our lives. It is used for decoration. Women love to tie Jasmine garland in their hair. Its perfume is used in many cosmetics.

So I love Jasmine. It is my favourite flower.

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FAQ on Jasmine

1. Why is Jasmine my favourite flower?

Jasmine has a unique fragrance and I like it. Besides it is white in colour which symbolises purity. So Jasmine is my favourite flower.

2. What are the few lines of the jasmine flower?

1. Jasmine is a white colour flower.
2. But it may have complexions of yellow or purple.
3. Jasmine plants can be vines or shrubs.
4. It blooms in the evening or in the night.
5. It is used for decoration purposes.
6. Jasmine fragrance is used for making cosmetics.

3. What is a sentence about Jasmine?

Jasmine is a scented white colour flower and is used for decoration and cosmetics.

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