My Favourite Flower- Sunflower 5-10 Lines & 200 words Essay

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My Favourite Flower Sunflower 5 Lines

  1. I love sunflowers.
  2. It is a beneficial and beautiful flower.
  3. It is usually found in yellow colour.
  4. But it can be red and purple too.
  5. Its seed is used to make vegetable oil.

My Favourite Flower Sunflower Essay 10 Lines

  1. Sunflowers are beneficial plants.
  2. The flower of this plant is also called sunflower.
  3. The flower always faces the sun and so it is called sunflower.
  4. It is bright yellow in colour.
  5. But some sunflowers are found in red and purple colour.
  6. The flower produces many black colour seeds.
  7. They are used to make vegetable oil.
  8. In India, it is cultivated in winter.
  9. It is a very spectacular view to see sunflowers in open fields.
  10. So this is my Favourite flower. (or) The scientific name of the Sunflower is Helianthus annuus.
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2. Sunflower Essay
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Sunflower Essay

Different people have different tastes; different people have different likings. I love sunflowers. The bright yellow colour of this flower attracts me very much. A few years ago when I visited my ancestral house in the village, I saw sunflowers for the first time. The fields around that village were covered with blooming sunflowers, all yellow up to the horizon. It was a spectacular view. All the flowers were facing the sun in one direction. I asked my grandfather, “Why are the flowers in the same direction facing the sun?” My grandfather smiled and said, “They do so. This is why we call them Sun-Flowers.” I was fascinated by the fact and began to like the plant.

The plant is usually two to three metres high. It has large slightly green leaves. The plant produced one to three flowers in its lifetime. The petals of its flowers are generally yellow in colour. But they can be red or purple too. In the centre of the flower, there are hundreds of seeds. Sunflowers are cultivated as oil plants. Edible oil is produced from the seeds.

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