10 lines on My Favourite Food Burger {3 Sets}

Dear learner, the following 10-line essays are on My Favourite Food Burger. There are three (3) sets of essays in the article. All are in 10 lines but the word counts are different. Please read all the essays and practice at home for higher scores.

10 Lines on My Favourite Food Burger

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Question TypeEssay
Length10 Lines
TopicMy Favourite Food Burger
Topic Info Table

{Set 1} My Favourite Food Burger

  1. I love food.
  2. I have different types of food.
  3. But the burger is different from the rest.
  4. It is yummy. It is so cheesy.
  5. It is my favourite food.
  6. My mom can make nice burgers.
  7. She adds so many vegetables to it.
  8. Sometimes we order it online.
  9. All my friends like burgers too.
  10. Some days I take it in my lunch box.

[Set 2] My Favourite Food Burger

  1. I am fond of food.
  2. I have tasted a variety of dishes.
  3. I like Western foods.
  4. And Burger is my favourite.
  5. My friends wonder why I love it so much.
  6. It is the sheer taste for which I love it.
  7. It is made of bread, vegetables and meat (optional)
  8. I like particularly mushroomburgers.
  9. My dad likes cheeseburgers.
  10. I wish I had it every day in my breakfast.

Set 3- My Favourite Food Burger 10 Lines

  1. If you ask me what is my favourite food.
  2. I will always say that burger is my favourite.
  3. It is easy to eat and has great taste.
  4. Besides it is healthy and full of nutritious things.
  5. My mom can make great burgers.
  6. All of my family members like burgers.
  7. My mother likes beanburgers and my father likes cheeseburgers.
  8. But my favourite is the wild salmon burger.
  9. I think it is the best burger in the world.
  10. I wish I had it every day in my life.

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FAQ on Burger

1. What is a burger?

A burger is a round-shaped sandwich where you put chopped vegetables meat, or fish between the two pieces of bread.

2. Is a burger healthy?

Yes, a burger is a healthy food.

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