My Favourite Food is Fish- 5 & 10 Lines & 100 Words Essay

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My Favourite Food Fish

Of course, fish is my favouredfood. I like every dish of it. Tuna is my favourite. I like curry, fry soup almost all dishes of fish. So dear learner, check below the essays in different size formats.

QuestionTypeEssay / Paragraph
Word Limit5-10 lines & 100 words
TopicMy Favourite Food is Fish

5 lines on my favourite food fish

  1. I love fish curry.
  2. It is a traditional Indian dish.
  3. My mom cooks nice fish curry.
  4. My dad bought them from the fish market.
  5. Fish curry is so yummy. It is my favourite.

10 lines on my favourite food fish

  1. I am a non-veg and my favourite dish is fish soup.
  2. My mother cooks it three to four days a week.
  3. Actually, all the members of my family like fish.
  4. My father usually goes to the market in the early morning.
  5. He bought fresh vegetables and fish for cooking.
  6. My mother cooks very nice fish soup.
  7. She also makes “Elish Vapa”, a delicious dish of Hilsa Fish.
  8. It is yummy too but a bit spicy.
  9. Anyway, Fish is my desired food.
  10. I wish I have it on my plate every day.

Favourite Food Fish Essay

I am a Bengali in ethnicity. The people of Bengal love fish. So fish is my favourite food. There are thousands of dishes made of fish. Fish fry, fish curry and fish soup are very common. We mainly consume freshwater fish.

We live in a small town in India. My father usually goes to the market every day in the morning and bought back fresh vegetables and fish for the day. My mother is very nice at cooking. She can make many types of dishes of fish. Katal Kalia (Curry of Katla fish), Rui Posto (Rohu fish with poppy seed), Elish Vapa (Steamed Hilsa) and Cheetal fry are some of her extraordinary dishes.

All the family members of my family love fish. So fish is cooked in the house almost all days except Sundays. I love fish.

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