My Favourite Food is Curd Rice- 10 lines, 100 & 150 words Essay

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My Favourite Food is Curd Rice

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TopicFavourite Food- Curd Rice
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[10 Lines] My Favourite Food- Curd Rice

  1. I am fond of food.
  2. I have tasted so many foods in my life.
  3. But the curd rice is the best of all.
  4. It is so yummy. Only the added scent of it makes me hungry.
  5. My mother cooks the best curd rice in the world.
  6. She cooks it in the early morning and I take it at lunch.
  7. It is healthy food yet delicious.
  8. The main ingredients of curd rice are rice, milk and curd.
  9. My mom adds some spices too.
  10. I love curd rice. It is my favourite food.

[100 words] My Favourite Food is Curd Rice

Curd Rice- the name itself makes me hungry. If I were given the option to choose my food, I would choose curd rice every time. People think that curd rice is just a mixture of curd and rice. But it is not so. It is more than that. The process of making it gives the curd rice a great taste. My mother is an expert in it. Whenever I ask her to make curd rice, she makes it happily. Her style of cooking is simple but the taste of food is extraordinary. She cooks the rice in the early morning and mixes curd and other spices into the rice. She serves it at lunch. I love it. It is my favourite food, my curd rice.

[150 words] My Favourite Food is Curd Rice

My friends sometimes ask me why I am so crazy about curd rice. I repeatedly answer them. Today I am answering them once more. It is the taste of curd rice which I love so much. I have tasted so many variants of curd rice. But the rice which my mom cooks are far better than every variant. She does not have any secret spice but her cooking style is unique. She cooked the rice in a pressure cooker. Then she rinses the water and mixes curd, hing, olive oil and a few other spices into the mixture. Later she lids the container and keeps it in the kitchen for some time.

Believe me, it tastes amazing. I wish I had it every day in all of my meals. Though the taste is nice, it is not a junk food. It is a healthy food. So I love it- my favourite curd rice.

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FAQ on Curd Rice

1. Why do you like curd rice?

Curd rice is healthy and tasty food. So I like it.

2. What is the benefit of curd rice?

Curd rice is full of enzymes and good bacteria. It makes our stomach healthy, solves digestion problems; makes our skin healthy.

3. What are the benefits of eating curd rice for the skin?

Yes, curd rice is beneficial for the skin too. It cures pimples and acne on our skin.

4. What we can eat with curd rice?

You can eat chopped cucumbers, onions or spinach with curd rice.

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