My Favourite Food is Ice Cream- 10 lines, 100 & 150 words Essay

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My Favourite Food is Ice Cream

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Question TypeEssay
Word Limit10 lines, 100 & 150 words
TopicMy Favourite food is Ice Cream
Topic Table

10 Lines- My Favourite Food is Ice Cream

  1. I love Ice Cream
  2. It is my favourite food.
  3. I wish I have it every day.
  4. My mother sometimes scolds me for having too many ice creams a day
  5. Vanilla flavour Ice Cream is the best ice cream according to me.
  6. But I also like the butter scotch.
  7. It is sweet and yummy.
  8. My friends call me an ice cream addict.
  9. My mother can make ice cream too.
  10. Her ice creams are better than that of the parlours.

100 words- My Favourite Food is Ice Cream

Ice cream is a sweet cold dish. It is found almost all over the world. The Persians invented ice cream in 500 BC. It was a royal dish then. Ice cream is my favourite food. It is found in many colours and tastes. Chocolate ice cream is dark brown, The mango and oranges flavoured ice creams are usually yellow in colour. There are so many varieties in it. There are three big ice cream parlours in my town. On Sunday evenings, I with my father usually visit any of them. I like vanilla and my father likes butter. After all, it is my favourite food.

150 words- My Favourite Food is Ice Cream

I love ice creams. It is a sweet dessert. There are many types of ice creams. The colour and taste are different. But the main ingredient ice is there in every ice cream. In 500 BC people of Persia invented this dessert for the royal family. Nowadays it is consumed by everybody. For me, having an ice cream in my hand is like touching heaven. I like it so much. It is my favourite food. I prefer chocolate ice cream. Every Tuesday I visit an ice cream parlour near our house and bought dozens of ice creams. I wish I have it in every meal. My mom can also make ice cream. In summer, she usually makes mango ice creams. It is so yummy. She knows my taste. She knows how much I like ice cream. So she makes it for me. After all, my favourite food is ice cream.

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FAQ on Ice Cream

1. What is Ice Cream?

An Ice Cream is a sweet cold dish made of ice and sweetener like sugar or honey or corn syrup.

2. How does the flavour come to ice creams?

Flavours are added to the ice creams.

3. What is my favourite ice cream?

Chocolate Ice Cream is my favourite ice cream.

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