My Favourite Food is Pasta- 10 lines and 100 and 150 words.

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My Favourite Food is Pasta

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[10 Lines] My Favourite Food pasta

  1. I am a foodie.
  2. I have tasted different kinds of food.
  3. But pasta is my favourite.
  4. It is an Italian food
  5. It is very creamy and delicious.
  6. My mom can make nice pasta.
  7. She also adds some vegetables to it.
  8. All my friends and family members like pasta.
  9. Most days I take it as breakfast.

[100 Words] My Favourite Food Pasta Essay

I have tasted so many foods- Eastern and Western. But pasta has no match in the list. It is my favourite food. It is an Italian dish but is popular globally. Generally, we buy pasta from a nearby shop and cook it in the house. But whenever we get a chance to visit any restaurant, we order pasta. The pasta which my mom makes, is so yummy. She adds chopped vegetables and some spices which make the taste of the pasta better. Some days I take pasta as tiffin in my lunch box. I love it. It is my favourite food.

[150 Words] My Favourite Food Pasta

I love pasta. It was last year when I tasted pasta for the first time and it became my favourite food. Since then I have tasted pasta thousand times. My mom knows my choice. So she cooked it whenever I asked her.

Pasta, an Italian dish by origin wins my heart. It is so yummy. Whenever I visit a restaurant, I order Masala Pasta. My family members often wonder why I like it so much. It is the taste for which I like it so much.

My friends call me a pasta bear. They say I eat pasta like a hungry bear. But I don’t care. It is my favoured food and when I see pasta in from of my table. I can not resist myself.

When I grow up, I will set up a pasta shop. Then there will be pasta all around me. It is my dream-my dear pasta.

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FAQ on Pasta

1. Why pasta is my favourite food?

The texture and the scent of pasta fascinate me. No food attracts me so much. So pasta is my favourite food.

2. Why do I love pasta?

The first reason is that I am a foodie. Besides that, the taste and the scent of pasta attract me so much. So I love pasta very much. I wish I had it every day.

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