My Favourite Game is Football Paragraph- 100 words

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My Favourite Game is Football Paragraph

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My Favourite Game is Football Paragraph 100 words

My favourite game is football. It is not an expensive game like badminton or cricket. To play football we need only a ball. The rules of the game are also easy to understand. All can play this game in all weathers. It is a game of ninety minutes only. But it gives great thrill and excitement. It is also a good form of exercise. The players learn the values of discipline, unity and cooperation. To play football a player must use the sound presence of mind. He must be intelligent and tactful. So l enjoys playing this game. (100 words)

My Favourite Game is Football 125 Words

All games give us joy. But we can’t play all games. Cricket, tennis, badminton etc. are expensive games. Their rules are also comparatively difficult to understand. But football is for all. Rich or poor, all can play it in all weathers. Only a leather ball and a pair of shoes are required. Life is so busy now. We can’t always play a game of a long duration. But Football is played for ninety minutes only. We get great thrill and excitement. Moreover, it gives good exercise to the body. It also teaches discipline and the value of cooperation. Football is the world’s most popular game. It spreads the message of love and friendship among nations. So I like football very much.

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1. How many players are there in a football team?

There are 11 players in a football team.

2. What is the time of a football match?

A football match is about 90 minutes.

3. What is the highest tournament in football?

FIFA World Cup is the highest tournament in football.

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