My Favourite Spot Near Our House- 100 Words Essay

Dear learner, the article is a short essay on My Favourite Spot Near Our House in about 100 words. Every one of us had a favourite spot where we find mental peace. When we are there, it pleases us. It may be our house or the bench in the classroom on which we sit every day. Anyway, read the sample essay carefully and practise in your exercise book. So let’s begin.

My Favourite Spot Near Our House Essay

A green grassy park near our house is my favourite spot. It is the lung of our town. People come here to breathe fresh air. The place gives them to repose. Every day I come here after school. I play with my friends. We hide behind bushy plants or leafy trees. We run round a deep pool. Fishes play there. A gentle breeze blows. Flowers spread fragrance. Birds sing and dance. We have a jolly time here. On its grassy floor, elderly people sit. They laugh and smile. Some gossip. Some unload their unhappy experiences. I love this park. Here man becomes man’s friend. Nature becomes man’s friend. We become one with nature.

Quick Tips-

For writing such an essay, you should keep the following points in your mind-

  1. State the favourite place.
  2. Why it is favourite
  3. Short description.
  4. Your emotional attachment to the place.

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