My Favourite Tree Mango – 5 & 10 Lines & 200 Words Essay

Dear learner, the article is about “My Favourite Tree Mango”. Here you will find three essays- 5 lines, 10 lines and 200 words. Please read the essays and practise for better scores.

Everyone has their favourites. Favourite food, favourite flower, favourite tree and so on. As for trees, the mango tree is my favourite tree. Later when I saw my pupils facing difficulty in composing a short essay on it, I decided to compose some short essays on my favourite tree. Now I have composed some essays. Dear learner, please check the essays below.

My Favourite Tree Mango 5 Lines

  1. Mango Tree is my favourite tree.
  2. It has dark green leaves.
  3. It gives us mango.
  4. Mango wood is used to make furniture.
  5. It is found in the tropical region.

My Favourite Tree Mango [10 Lines]

  1. My favourite tree is the Mango.
  2. Because it gives my favourite fruit.
  3. It is an evergreen tree which never shades all of its leaves at once.
  4. It is also a tropical tree, mainly found between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
  5. Everything of the Mango tree is beneficial.
  6. The Mango is the king of all fruits and the national fruit of India.
  7. Mango wood is used to make idols and furniture of worship.
  8. The leaf of the Mango tree has medicinal properties.
  9. It is effective to cure low blood pressure and diabetes.
  10. The scientific name of this tree is Magnifera Indica.

Essay on My Favourite Tree Mango

I love mango and so the mango tree is my favourite. It is an evergreen tropical tree mainly found in the Indian Sub-continent and Southeast Asia. The unique taste of its fruit makes it the king of all fruits.

The mango tree serves many purposes. Apart from the fruit, the stem, the leaves and the roots, everything is useful to us. There are more than 1,000 varieties of mango found all over the world. Alphonso, Dasheri, Himsagar and Mallika are some famous mangoes.

The stem of the mango is useful too. We harvest wood from the stem of the tree. Beautiful furniture and many worshipping items like idols and thrones are made of these woods. The wood is strong and sturdy.

The mango trees have also medicinal value. Various parts of this tree are used as medicines for diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, asthma and anaemia. The leaf of this tree has properties to cure diseases like hypertension and insomnia. The roots too possess anti-inflammation properties.

I like this tree. The tree is all green and produces oxygen throughout the year. So mango is my favourite tree.

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Mango Tree Table

Scientific NameMangifera Indica
RegionTropic and Subtropic
Mango Tree Quick Info Table

FAQ on Mango Tree

1. Why mango is your favourite?

Mango is the king of all fruits. The taste and the smell of mango make it my favourite food.

2. What are the 5 uses of mango trees?

1. Mango fruit is a rich juicy fruit.
2. Various parts of this tree are used as medicine.
3. The wood is used to make furniture.
4. Materials for worship like idols are made from this wood.
5. People use mango leaves to treat hyper-blood pressure in traditional medicine.

3. What is a sentence for a mango tree?

A mango tree is an evergreen, tropical fruit tree.

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