My Neighbour Essay- 100 words {2 Sets}

We all live in society. So we have neighbours. They are an important part of our life. So here is an essay on my neighbour in about 100 words. There are two sets of essays included in this article. Please read these essays and practice on papers for better scores in the exams. Let’s begin.

[Set-1] My Neighbour Essay 100 words

Man needs company. A man lives near another man. Both are neighbours of each other. My next-door neighbour, Uncle Samir, is an astrologer. My father has no faith in his subject. Yet they are good friends. Close to our house live Dr Roy and Professor Dey. All people in their families are very gentle and helpful. I play with their children. Other people living near us are also cooperative. But one particular family doesn’t mix with others. But I don’t mind. I love all of my neighbours. All the stars at night are not equally bright.

[Set-2] My Neighbour Essay 120 words

The human being is a social animal. We need company, sympathy and support. A man who lives beside other men is his neighbour. My next-door neighbour is Professor Sarkar. He is very gentle and modest. Learning brings modesty. He takes an interest in the affairs of the locality. Close to our house live the Roy family and the Dey family. The people of these families are cooperative and gentle. In the locality, people help one another with any problem. But one particular family has become a problem to all. Every one of this family quarrels with everyone. Yet they are my neighbours. I love them too. The fingers of the hand are not the same in size.

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FAQ on Neighbours

1. What is a Neighbour in short notes?

A neighbour is a person who lives near us. He or she may live in the same house or apartment or next to ours.

2. What is the role of a neighbour?

A neighbour plays an important role in our life. As they live near us, they come first in every joyful and sorrowful moment of our life.

3. How neighbours are helpful to us?

The children of our neighbours are our first playmates. Neighbours share almost everything with each other. One’s pain is shared by his neighbours. The list is long. Thus neighbours are helpful to us.

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